Reading Planet Earth, part Three

The third of an unmissable series of four 1-hour videos from National Geographic.

The first episode plus the introduction can be seen here, the second episode can be seen here.

By now if you have watched the first two episodes, you will be aware of the huge commitment made by National Geographic and PBS in putting this production together.  That’s a strong indicator to my mind that getting the message out there is being taken more and more seriously.

The third episode is called Predator and underscores an important element of the change process.  That of properly understanding the nature of a problem before attempting a solution.  This episode has some very positive messages, so do watch it.

National Geographic – Strange Days on Planet Earth – Part 3 of 4 – Predator

2 thoughts on “Reading Planet Earth, part Three

  1. Synopsis: Predator removal => over-population => unintended ecocide => total biospheric collapse.

    As Edward Norton says himself, “There goes the neighbourhood!”

    You have to believe me, I am not just some misanthropic eco-warrior but, it really does seem to me that humans have become like the leaf-cutter ants on an island in artificial lake in Venezuela – destroying the very fabric of the natural world that both made life possible and that is trying, despite all that we do, to sustain it.

    However, the message of this programme is actually one of hope: Although it took decades for us to puzzle out what was going wrong with Yellowstone National Park, we did eventually do so; and have now re-introduced the wolves… Similarly, the fishermen of St Lucia have worked out that over-fishing is not good; and are now trying to live in harmony with nature – rather than fighting against it.

    Now all we need to do is declare Armistice Day for atmospheric pollution – and we may yet avoid a global environmental meltdown.


    1. Martin, I agree. As easy as it would be to be so utterly demoralised by everything that is coming to light about the way we live, this video does hold out hope. The one tomorrow also likewise. Big thanks for your comments, Paul


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