Yet another Corrie postscript

A lovely tribute from Suzann Reeve

This originally came in as a comment to the recent Post published on the 16th Postscript on dear Corrie.  I decided that it deserved a more prominent position than as a comment to a previous article.  This is what Suzann wrote:

My husband and I and our 3 rescue dogs were living at the time in an RV park in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, while waiting for our newly purchased lot to become available where we were going to base the ‘bus’.

I had just walked my dogs and saw a pack of dogs running down the side of the main road into town toward me. After quickly returning my dogs to our RV across the road, I gathered some food together and hurried back to the road to feed this pack of street dogs.

I noticed one of the dogs had such a distinctive coat; the coloring and configuration was unique.

I put several food dishes down and stepped back to let the dogs eat.  As I was standing there, the dog with the distinctive, white with brown markings all over her, came up to me.

Unusual for most street dogs, her manner was quite friendly. I led her back to the food and waited whilst she ate. I gradually turned and walked back across the street to the RV park. I got to the middle of the road and felt something bump my leg. I looked down and there was this lovely dog, gazing at me with friendly, caring eyes; I was amazed! She had practically glued herself to my leg!

I turned and walked back to the food and she followed me. But when I tried to cross the street again, she was right there, walking right next to me, leaning against my leg! My goodness I thought to myself…now what do I do?

I was instantly drawn to her….she was so friendly and had a very caring look in her eyes as she looked up at my face. Now what was I going to do? It’s 5-ish in the evening, I can’t take her to my coach as I have 3 dogs sitting there, and I did not know what to do.

I called to my husband to bring my cell phone to me, and dialed my best bud, Jeannie, and told her the story…..she had a packet of dogs herself, and we talked about it for several minutes about what the options were.

I asked, nay begged her, to drive over and see if we could take the dog somewhere and perhaps find a place to house her for the night….

The long and short of it was we drove around for a half hour, finding no one who could take her, and Jeannie finally said….”Oh heck, I will take her home!”

What will we call her? Well, that wasn’t too difficult, as she had hearts all over her!!  It had to be Corazon as corazón is the Spanish word for heart!

We both fell in love with that dog, and thanks to Jeannie taking her in, Corrie has had good years of love, good food, a loving home and a wonderful life.

I will never forget that dog. She was always bright and cheery, always had a kiss for me, such a sweet heart. I will always love our little Corazon….I miss her so much.

Here are three pictures that Suzann sent.

Heart dog, Corrie
And a larger heart!
And yet more hearts!

I had the privilege of being with Corrie from September 2008 until the moment she died last week.  Everything that Suzann wrote is true; she was a lovely, gentle and trusting dog.

This demonstrates so powerfully the many things that we can ‘learn from dogs’!

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