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Don’t try this at home!

All it takes is a moment’s inattention.

The reason I am posting this is simply because it might help someone else out there.

I go bike riding three times a week; weather permitting. Usually with a group from close by: Jim; Richie; Pam; Dordie; Ken.

Two days ago there was a break in the wet weather and Jim rang round seeing who was up for a ride. It turned out that four of us could go riding: Jim, Richie, Dordie and myself.

We decided to ride down Hugo Road, turn left onto the Merlin-Galice Road, follow that right to the end of Galice Road, very close to Junction 61 on Highway I-5, then turn left along Monument Drive, left again down past Grants Pass airport then back on to the Galice Road this time heading west back through Merlin to meet up with the foot of Hugo Road and then home.

All had gone very well for all four of us and it was a great ride and already we had some 14 miles under our belts.

Coming back into Merlin there is a railway track that crosses Galice Road. It has quite a wide shoulder to stop us cyclists having to mix it with the road traffic. But the tracks across that shoulder are not the smoothest of rides for a cyclist.

I did my best to cross the tracks square on but didn’t manage it. My front tyre slipped on the wet, metal rail and in that instant I lost my balance. Tried to recover but just a few yards later went down falling heavily on my left side and knocking myself out.

Luckily I was not riding on my own (Lesson Number One) and Jim and the others were quick to check me out. Jim said later that many drivers stopped including an off-duty medic who quickly summoned the ambulance.

But I was still out!

Dordie had the presence of mind to capture what was going on and it is her photographs that are in today’s post.

I continued being unconscious and later Jim said that I was out for eight minutes.

I was placed in a gurney with a neck brace because the medics were concerned that I might have damaged my neck.

Then carried across to the ambulance.

 I only properly regained consciousness when the ambulance was speeding its way to Three Rivers Hospital in nearby Grants Pass.

The attendant caring for me in the ambulance remarked how lucky I was to have been wearing a safety helmet, for had I not been: “We wouldn’t be taking you to the accident ward!”

Plus, I realised that the other stroke of fortune is that I was riding with a group of friends. Had I been riding alone, something I have been doing, I might not have been helped in such a prompt and timely way.

So that’s my lesson for today! If you ride a bicycle don’t go out alone and never, ever ride without a safety helmet!

Oh, nearly forgot! Lesson Number Two: Don’t ride across wet railway tracks – Get off and walk!

UPDATE 14:20 Friday, 24th

In view of the many helpful ideas and suggestions I thought it would be good to present the follow information.

When I was discharged from the Emergency Department at our local Three Rivers Medical Center, I was given 4 pages of guidance and information. Page 3 of those notes included:


You should get help right away if:

  • You have confusion or drowsiness.
  • You feel sick to your stomach (nauseous) or have continued, forceful vomiting.
  • You have dizziness or unsteadiness that is getting worse.
  • You have severe, continued headaches not relieved by medicine. Only take over-the-counter or prescription medicines for pain, fever, or discomfort as directed by your health care provider.
  • You do not have normal function of the arms or legs or are unable to walk.
  • You notice changes in the black spots in the center of the colored part of your enemy (pupil).
  • You have a clear or bloody fluid coming from your nose or ears.
  • You have a loss of vision.

Thought it might be useful including those.

Plus when I saw the pharmacist at our local RiteAid, he took a look at the wounds on my left knee and recommended a transparent dressing; namely a product called Tegaderm. It is a product made by 3M and more details may be read about it here.

Thanks everyone for you caring responses!

Picture Parade Two Hundred and Nineteen

Endless wonderful photographs of our pets!

I was going to offer more of Tanja Brandt’s photos for you today but during the week Belinda, who lives here on Hugo Road, sent me some pictures that I couldn’t wait to share with you.








Aren’t we so very lucky to have these wonderful creatures in our lives!

Picture Parade One Hundred and Seventy-Seven

The big flood!

Regulars will recall that during the week I missed being able to publish a post and just quickly dropped a note to say that Rain Stopped Play commenting:

Sorry good people but the rain yesterday interfered with our Internet connection until early evening.

Then there just wasn’t time to post something for you.

Other than at 6:50 pm we had had 3.17 in of rain since midnight!

Well on Thursday morning our ‘on-property’ weather station was reporting that in the 30 hours since the start of Wednesday through to 6 am on that Thursday we had had a total of 4.78 inches of rain.

Cup Creek to the left of the driveway about 100 yards from the house.

Later on Thursday morning I went down to our creek and the following photographs record the scene!Our driveway drops gently down for about 250 yards from the house to our bridge over Bummer Creek where I was heading with my camera. To the left of the driveway is a creek with no official name but the locals call it Cup Creek. For most of the year it is dry!

Another view of a very swollen Cup Creek.
Another view of a very swollen Cup Creek.

Then I arrived at our bridge that crosses Bummer Creek. Upstream years ago an irrigation dam was installed. It is just visible under the raging waters.

Bummer Creek looking upstream from the bridge.
Bummer Creek looking upstream from the bridge.
Bummer Creek looking downstream from the bridge.
Bummer Creek looking downstream from the bridge.

Difficult to estimate how swollen the creek was but it was carrying many, many times more water than even the usual effects of a couple of rainy days.

But then looking up from the bridge to where the driveway runs up to Hugo Road this mini-river met my eyes.

Our driveway gate onto Hugo Road is just visible at the top of the picture.
Our driveway gate onto Hugo Road is just visible at the top of the picture.

The gully to the side of the driveway had become blocked with leaves hence the surface water. But then I saw that where the driveway met the metal platform of the bridge the flowing water had carved out quite a section of the driveway.

p1160740No question this has to be repaired by yours truly that morning because the hole would have prevented anything larger than a standard car from coming across the bridge.
p1160739So that was our rainy day; how was it for you!

On your bike, Mrs. H.!

My dear wife takes to cycling.

Like most young boys I was on a bicycle at a very young age. Then once sufficiently old to drive a motor car that was the end of bike riding for almost forever. Except that a few months ago the argument for anaerobic exercise as a means of delaying the worst of all the ailments that come with an ageing body (and mind!) convinced me to get back on a bike.  That was made a lot easier because a small group of close neighbours ride three times a week and that seemed an opportunity not to be missed.

Those same neighbours supported, and recommended, a local bike shop in Grants Pass and I have ‘borrowed’ this picture of the store from their website.

Views of the interior of Don's Bike Center, Grants Pass, Oregon.
Views of the interior of Don’s Bike Center, Grants Pass, Oregon.

Having now been riding an average of 35 miles a week for the last ten or twelve weeks, I can vouch for the benefits it is providing.

Logically, therefore, it was going to be much better if Jean could come with me, and the rest of the riding group, each week. But there was a small challenge: Jean had never ridden a bike in her life. Horses, yes! Bicycles, no!

Eric over at the bike centre lent Jean a two-wheeler to try but very quickly it was clear that Jean would not easily develop the confidence to ride on our local roads. The next suggestion from Erik was a tricycle! Not one that was designed in the days of Noah and his Arc but a modern model of the ‘recumbent’ design. In particular, one manufactured by Sun Bicycles. Here’s an image of the trike from the Sun’s website.

Sun EZ Tri Classic SX
Sun EZ Tri Classic SX

Thus it came about that last Friday Jean and I went over to Don’s Bike Center to collect her new bike.

Eric at the store checking that the bike was properly set up for Jean.
Eric at the store checking that the bike was properly set up for Jean.

Then once home it was time for Jean to learn a number of very new skills. At first just by riding around our turning circle in front of the house.


Then trying out our quarter-mile driveway that includes a couple of steep gradients; well steep for a cycle rider!


Another view of Jean getting to know her new bike here at home.


Then, deep breath, time to put on the safety helmet and go for a short ride on Hugo Road, our local road that runs past our property.

Slightly blurred image as I had the camera in my hand as I was riding behind Jean.
Slightly blurred image as I had the camera in my hand as I was riding behind Jean.

So all’s well that ends well!

Jean coming up the road towards the driveway entrance!
Jean coming up the road towards the driveway entrance!

I will embarrass Jean by saying to my dear readers that Jean is already getting familiar with riding her trike and it won’t be too long before our riding group will be increased by one Mrs. Handover on her bike!

The things we do to stay healthy in our increasing years!