Forwards to bygone times!

Sign of the times?


We have been looking for ways of cutting down our energy requirements and coupled with trying to grow as many of our own veggies as possible, 2 small flocks of chickens for eggs, we have now acquired a reconditioned, wood-burning cooker.

It arrived last Wednesday and weighs in at just under a third of a ton. It was manoeuvred into place by 2 men, some planks of wood and a few rollers made from off-cut, scaffolding poles.

Our youngest son and I fitted the flue and fired it up on Thursday evening. What a transformation!

The quality of heat and ambience it creates in the kitchen/dining room is amazing. It is like being transported back to a bygone era where everything seemed less stressed and slower. Whoever gets up in the morning lights it first and it seems to be able to rise from cold to a useful temperature in 20 minutes. It uses a very small amount of wood to keep it in all day and we have switched off all the heating in the adjoining rooms. We cooked a roast dinner in it on Sunday and a load of mince pies plus bread over the weekend.

It’s not instant and it has its own foibles but we love it – a bit like most of us, I expect!

By Jon Lavin

4 thoughts on “Forwards to bygone times!

  1. Wood burners are brilliant; everyone in the countryside has one here in the Allgau in Southern Germany. They seem very efficient, heating the whole house, and are cosy and “traditional” into the bargain.

    Of course, you need WOOD, so they are not very useful in the city …..

    You can also bake bread and keep food warm in and or on them …..


  2. The Greeks, 3,000 years ago already, built entire cities so that they would profit of solar heating in winter and natural cooling in summer. That was pretty much the architecture of the desert too (before the importation of minarets from Christianity, ending up with Burj Dubai…)

    It is not because it came from yesteryear that there is no wisdom in it it, far from it…


  3. I have had wood burning stoves 4 times in my life and they are wonderful! When I lived in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, on the cliffs above the ocean in Moss Beach Ca., Manhattan Beach Ca, when I lived in a cabin inside a greenhouse, and on a friend’s Spanish Galleon for 2 weeks in Morro Bay, Ca.
    I recommend them to everyone.
    It is economical as you burn what you can forage and cut,
    there is no problem with gas leaks or money leaking out of your pocket to the gas company, it boils water for tea/coffee , cooks stews etc. for dinner, and warms 2-3 rooms nice and toasty!
    And they look great!


  4. What a great way to cut back on energy bills! I can feel the warmth and joy. Actually, here in Cambridge is already veeery cold – chill factor reached 6 degrees F last week.

    I’d have appreciated having one of these. Maybe next year…


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