Reversing the trend

The amazing benefits of exercise

As a child I was given quite a reasonable amount of freedom, and so a bicycle was my mode of transport, I was quite fit, was good at running, and in both cases did well in competition. In fact my memory of man’s first landing on the moon in 1969, was as a result of a 100 mile cycle ride that day when I got sunburnt down one side!

Then came the middle years … Motorbikes, cars, some running now and then, but only modest use of the bike, perhaps more recently of late, so that I can go out with the children, and a regular daily walk with the dogs.

Recently I decided in the last month to make an effort. Being based in the UAE, when working, I have been able to get up early, and do some 6 kms in a route which takes me round a lagoon, have started playing a bit of tennis, go for a short swim each day, and don’t eat big meals.

To begin with I would walk all the way, but have slowly changed to a ratio to walk most of the way, into some jogging, and now finally can run all the way round.

I was surprised how the quickly I was able to build up the exercise. You really should push yourself just that little bit, and have the discipline to try and do this every day, but the reward has been amazing in every respect.

As they say: No pain – No gain !

By Bob Derham

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