Every Economist, Mr. President? No, Sir!

Here’s one person who doesn’t agree with the President.

The President seems to believe that he can say whatever he wants and no one will hold him accountable. He now claims that “every economist, from both sides of the aisle, believes that the stimulus program created jobs.”

I am an economist, Mr. President, and I know, based either on simple first principles of economics, or on a more rigorous controlled study of labor markets in each major sector of the economy, that the unemployment rate would have been much lower today had the stimulus program never occurred.

You are either woefully unaware of the facts, Mr. President, or are purposefully distorting the facts. Neither is good.  When are you going to realize that just because you say something does not make it so? The world does not contort itself to support your version of the truth.

Do not put words in my mouth, sir.

By Sherry Jarrell

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