Picture Parade Four Hundred and Forty-Eight

Yet more from Unsplash!

The link above is to the home page of Unsplash for there are so many excellent photographs on there.

We had a lightning storm over the house on Thursday evening with, luckily, a small amount of rain. Indeed, Saturday afternoon the firefighters, including air tankers, were attempting to bring three fires to the North-East of us to a halt.

So the first photograph is of a similar storm just to give you an idea of what we watched on Thursday.

It was not a lot different to the above.

Now to dogs and humans.








All very beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Picture Parade Four Hundred and Forty-Eight

  1. Bad news..lightning. Scary for sure. Good news… a bit of rain. Cooling and blessed. Please be safe. And….cute dog images!


    1. I was just reading in the local Grants Pass Courier published yesterday and they were reporting about 230 strikes in the region! Yes, we were all very lucky that it didn’t turn out worse! And thank you for liking the dog photographs.


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