Picture Parade Four Hundred and Forty-Three

A surprise!

I subscribe to the photographic forum Ugly Hedgehog. Recently there was an item from ‘SWFeral’ entitled Portraits from a dog class. In it he said:

I am still dogless after more than two years (some of you remember Ted) but I have started attending a dog training class with a friend to fill the gap. Of course I can’t just sit there, so I asked permission to bring my camera and zoom lens. I’m no pro at dog portrait photography, but I had fun getting these shots of some good-looking subjects. You can see they are all concentrating very hard.

I asked for permission to share the photographs with you and it was promptly given.

Here they are.








They are lovely photographs and they are a tribute to the dogs and the photographer alike.

Thank you, ‘SW Feral’, for granting me permission to publish them.

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