Picture Parade Four Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Another set of photographs from Gary.






Always gorgeous!

Thank you, Gary.


A footnote.

Last Friday, Jean and I were musing about the mice that had appeared in the house and the idea came up that we might return to having a cat. Our online research found a place in Medford, Committed Alliance to Strays or C.A.T.S., a place devoted to rescuing cats. We made an appointment for 2pm.

We came home with two Siamese. They are twins, both male, born on 15th March, 2017. Their names are Hogan and Skippy but we are thinking of renaming them.

Friday afternoon when we came home. Jean put them in a spare room and closed the door.


Saturday morning and they are in the main living room for a while.

One is more confident than the other but all the dogs, save Sheena, have had cats in their lives when we had our cats before.

The previous owner left a note on their cage at C.A.T.S. It read:

This is Skippy and Hogan! They were my cats and unfortunately my living situation changed drastically and I couldn’t keep them. 😦 They are very sweet, just a bit shy and timid. If you consider adopting them just know that they deserve the world. All I can hope is that they go to a good home!! They need to stay together; they are very attached.

It is early days but we have a hunch that this was a good move!

11 thoughts on “Picture Parade Four Hundred and Thirty-Nine

    1. Thank you, John. They are very shy and it will take some time for them to become part of the family. But it is a good move and reminds me of my younger days. For my mother was a great lover of Siamese cats and these of ours create some link with the past for me.

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      1. We have five. Our last rescue spent a month under the bed before coming out.

        So, so good you could meet the woman’s plea for them to stay together. Does she know? She must be crying with happiness.


      2. John, we didn’t realise you had cats. Your last rescue’s reluctance to join in is very helpful because we suspect we have the same. To your last question we think the answer must be yes for the woman at CATS rang her with a question about getting on with dogs.


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