Slight pause in my affairs!

No more posts until a week’s time!

Good friends,

I am going in today to Asante Hospital for a minor operation for a hernia.

It has been slowly getting worse and, although it is still an easy op, I didn’t want to delay things any longer.

I shall be out of hospital later today (with a bit of luck) but I have been told in no uncertain words to take it very easy for the first couple of weeks and not to lift anything .

I will be offline until Tuesday, 17th.

But in terms of lifting anything above 15lbs I will have to take it easy for six weeks, or until the end of June. That is going to be hard!

Meanwhile, we have been stocking up, especially for the horses. Because both the equine senior feed and the hay come in too heavy. The equine feed comes in 50lb bags and the hay bales must be about the same, and tough to move around.

Thirteen bales for the next six weeks!

23 thoughts on “Slight pause in my affairs!

    1. Thanks Gary. Your healing wishes are very gratefully received. Not sure about the ‘Godspeed’ wish as I am an atheist and have been all my life! But that doesn’t detract from your kind thought.

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    1. Thanks Monika. I got back home just after 11am and after a light lunch and a cup of tea I have been resting on my bed. For about an hour have been fluctuating between feeling dosy and brighter. Thank you for your wishes!

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  1. Paul, I shouldn’t talk about myself but I have had 2 hernia surgeries. What I remember about before the surgery is that the pain was awful before I had the surgery. The good news is that the surgery is usually straightforward and you’ll start feeling better and better. It’s Springtime so it’s time for new beginnings. I’m visualizing you being pain free in a very short period of time.

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    1. Belinda, I had mild pain but it had been more or less continuous in the last few weeks. The team at Asante were very good and so far no pain. I was due another pain tablet at 13:30, 20 minutes ago, but fingers crossed I am alright at the moment. Thank you my dear.

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    1. Thank you, Mr P. So far I have not required to use more painkillers. The painkiller given to me during the op lasted until 13:30 yesterday. I had a fair degree of discomfort when we went to bed last night but surprisingly slept well. Onwards and upwards!

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    1. Thank you, John. I believe it went fine but the discomfort following the operation was worse than expected. I had to take a painkiller yesterday afternoon. But this morning I am slightly less in pain and hopeful that within a few more days I shall be fine.

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