A new weather system

I only finished at around 4pm.

Apart from being at the Club Northwest from midday for a couple of hours, yesterday morning was taken up by me making a sensor pole and installing it. Then when we returned from the Club it was a case of mounting the sensor, aligning it to the north, and making sure it was level and all in working order.

I had chosen a system from Ambient Weather, the WS-2902C, that we have high hopes for. My previous weather station, from Accurite, was windows compatible only and I have an iMac.

We shall see!

4 thoughts on “A new weather system

      1. Summer always has storms, but we’ve had nothing but rain day in-day out for five or six weeks now. It’s driving me crazy.


      2. John, the weather has changed! No doubt about it. In England they have had unusual quantities of rain. Here, we had some 20 inches of snow a short time ago and now that has all melted, it’s unusually warm at present, and we have had a couple of rain storms come through. In a way we needed the rain because of the long drought we had last year. So I’m not surprised to hear your weather conditions. Plus, our immediate weather is different from Grants Pass, some 19 miles away, so hence the need for a weather station on the property.

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