Picture Parade Four Hundred and Nine

Something very different for today!

I usually browse the photographic website Ugly Hedgehog a few times each week and recently I was admiring the photography of a David Bozsik. He is a professional photographer and a great deal of his fabulous work may be seen on Nature Photography.

Anyway, David was kindly helping me with a question regarding photographic tripods and he expressed interest in Learning from Dogs. That resulted in David sending me some wonderful images of dogs. They are presented today.

Please note that all the photographs are Copyright David L. Bozsik. Please do not copy them. David has given me written permission to republish them.

But please do enjoy these fabulous photos.







They are gorgeous! But they are also fabulous photographs from all points of view!

I feel very honoured to share them with you all.

Finally, one of my own photos.

Dear, sweet Oliver.

6 thoughts on “Picture Parade Four Hundred and Nine

    1. That second photograph is also my favourite, Margaret. Thank you for your kind remarks about Oliver as well. Jean and I watched a video about dogs yesterday evening and I noticed that it was on YouTube so it is going to be shared with everyone tomorrow.

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