Put your arms around a comfort dog!

Just a short post for today but one that is long on feelings!

The following short video was broadcast by WPLG Local 10 on July 7th this year. It follows the collapse of the twelve-storey building at Surfside in Florida on June 24th.

“Comfort dogs arrive in South Florida to help first responders in Surfside.”

8 thoughts on “Put your arms around a comfort dog!

  1. Hi Paul. I just sent you an email, but it was rejected by your email provider (I guess it looked too much like spam). My reason for trying to contact you was to bring a dog-related story to your attention in the hope you’d cover it on Learning from Dogs:


    Ever heard of dogs saving elephants?

    In the Serengeti, a small, specially trained team of rescue dogs sniff out poachers and sound the alarm. Just 4 dogs have helped arrest hundreds of poachers, saving countless elephants being murdered for their ivory.

    Almost a quarter of the elephants in the park now live in the tiny area they protect — but poaching is on the rise everywhere else and there are thousands more elephants that still need protection.

    That’s why the team behind this amazing project are asking for your help to train up more of these sniffer dogs — and save double the number of elephants.

    With 96 of these gentle giants killed each day, every moment counts.

    I’ve just contributed £50 to the cause myself.

    I hope you’ll consider this request… I shall of course reblog it on Wibble if you do! 😀


    1. Colin,

      I am having problems with my Mac as the latest post indicated.

      But as soon as I have everything back to normal I will publish that post of yours.

      Best wishes,


      Please drop into Learningfromdogs.com


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      1. All that’s needed is modest donations from enough people, to make a difference. (It wouldn’t hurt to have a few multibillionaires get interested in helping, too, though; perhaps instead of pursuing macho penile compensation contests to see which of them can be the first to take a joyride in space….)


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