Time to end puppy mills

I am republishing a recent email that came to me.

Puppy Mills are disgraceful. Worse than that they are a scar on the face of mankind.

Yesterday I received an email that came in from the Humane Society Legislative Fund. I am sure many of you also received it.

I am going to republish it. Please help if you can.


Tell the USDA to protect puppies

Dogs suffer horribly in puppy mills. What’s worse is that over the last four years, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is charged with monitoring, citing and revoking licenses of these breeding facilities if they sell to pet stores, brokers or online, stopped taking their job of puppy mill enforcement seriously and the agency did not take all the necessary steps to make sure that standards of care are improved to ensure that puppy mill facilities meet the basic needs of happy and healthy dogs.

Enforcement has plummeted at USDA since 2017 and citations for violations are down more than 65%. But we have a new Administration leading the United States Department of Agriculture, one that has already promised that they are going to take animal care seriously. Now is our chance to send a message loud and clear: you must protect dogs and puppies and take puppy mill enforcement seriously, and you must ensure that standards of care are improved in puppy mills to meet the needs of the thousands of dogs living in those facilities.

Please send a brief, polite message to the USDA using the form provided.


The form is available here!

I am going to leave you with a photograph, one of many I am afraid. This one was taken from the Animal Rescue Corps.

Very sad!

14 thoughts on “Time to end puppy mills

      1. She has a lot of baggage due to her puppy mill days, but the place she was taken from was such a horrible place (all the dogs were seized when the owner passed away). She deserves a much better life and I’m grateful to be able to provide it.


  1. Thank you for publishing this. Also, and this may be a little controversial, there are those facilities that breed dogs for experimentation and these need to be closed down too.

    Puppy mills are awful places where the breeding dogs are worked to within an inch of their life, live in squalid conditions, never see the light of day and are then “disposed” of when they are no longer useful.

    Equally (yes I have an ulterior motive) there are breeding facilities to supply the archaic and frankly cruel and disgusting practice of experimentation on dogs, mainly beagles. The poor creatures are bred in crates, live their lives in cages, never see daylight, never breathe clean air and are routinely abused and then euthanised for the purpose of “science” or because a bathroom product needs to be sold to a country so that the shareholders get their profits. There are more humane and animal free methods of testing products although it is likely cheaper and quicker to breed beagles to test on in secret, take a bit of bad publicity, release a few to calm the outrage and then continue with the vile practice. There are even (I believe) some charities who fund research into heart conditions here in the UK and who go to labs where the beagles are only given a local anaesthetic whist they are opened up and various procedures take place. If they don’t survive, hey so be it.

    Finally I do not understand how anyone can look at us, in the eye, and not feel any sadness fear or loathing for the pain and misery they are about to inflict.


    1. Thank you so much for this reply of yours. As you say, it is a disgusting practice. Have you written about it on your own blog? Because if you have I would love to republish it. Or if not, can I persuade you to write a guest post for Learning from Dogs?


      1. I usually try to steer clear of contentious subjects including those close to my heart. I cannot remember having blogged about this before, however I will check. As for writing a guest post, I will think about this and get back to you.


      1. Wise, but the article says the Trump admin stopped the agency concerned doing inspections. They did this for slaughtering houses, too, which allowed them to “speed up” the process. Just sickening.


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