What is a tooth between friends.

For about three weeks I have been suffering from a rather aggravating pain in my upper, left-hand jaw.

Yesterday I saw the paediatric surgeon at our local dentist.

He removed a very bad tooth that had lost both its nerve and quite a deal of bone.

So you will forgive me from not writing more.

But I will close with a photograph!

Enough said!

(Seriously it will not be until the 7th April that I will have the stitches taken out from the suture that ‘tied’ the gum together!)

12 thoughts on “Sidetracked!

    1. I will admit to the procedure potentially being very painful but being injected with bountiful quantities of painkiller meant it was bearable. But the gap in my teeth will take some getting used to. But far better out than in, Marina!


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