Picture Parade Three Hundred and Seventy-Five

It’s Valentine’s Day and yet more dogs!

Yes, they are from Nimbushopper and you can go across to his Flickr account here.







And the last one for today is a non-doggy one but is still a beautiful photograph.

So on to next Sunday and, hopefully, more photographs.

You all take great care of yourselves.

Finally, a Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Seventy-Five

  1. And the winner for me today is ….No. 4 ! Love that face, although I think No. 3 is the same dog.😄


    1. Hello Monika. It is very wet with low cloud but about 4 deg C so not as cold as it could be. I’m hoping to get outside to do a particular job but I fear I may be stuck inside. See what the day brings! Thanks for your kind comment.

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      1. February is always the driest and coldest. Either I’m getting soft in my old age or it’s getting colder. Definitely more extreme. Just a week ago we were in the mid-sixties. 😲


      2. Yes there’s no question in my mind, and the minds of thousands of others, that the weather is changing. Now what means day to day wherever we live is beyond me but the scientists are clear in their prognosis; we have at most 30-odd years to fix the issue. I’m currently 76 and I want to live long enough to see this fixed. Or rather I want to be compus mentos! 😎

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