Please find Albert a new owner! Quickly!

Can’t do better than post the Facebook page!

For some reason when one goes to “See more” it doesn’t stay that way.

So this is provided as follows:

Albert cries a lot and craves people around him. He is often found curled up in his basket but with his eyes open. If we could fix Alberts bereavement we would. Our Albert is a down hearted senior in kennels. This larger Staffy cross is nine years old and we are now working hard to find him a quiet and warm home and a very loving human. Life can be very cruel for hounds and humans and loss is a terrible thing for both. Although a painful story for a senior dog we now work towards finding a new chapter for Albert as soon as possible. We have visions of Albert curled up by an open fire this Christmas next to his new owners slippers. Happy are we that the heartbroken Albert face is gone and back is one happy staffy smile. Please support. Please share. Help us to find Albert the spark that lights his fire this Christmas. More details and applications forms are available at

I was first alerted to this by Lisa, my son’s partner.

Well done Lisa!

12 thoughts on “Please find Albert a new owner! Quickly!

  1. That’s exactly why I didn’t get another dog. I had my mother’s dog for 10 years after her death. She grieved everyday for her even though mom only live with her for one year. She traveled with me and slept with me until she passed. I would never want to put another dog through that. I don’t know if cats miss their owners. Not taking any chances.

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    1. Marlene, I don’t think cats are the same. Yes, they are very loving but I sense they lack the bond that dogs make with people. As I wrote a little earlier, dogs share the psychology of love with us humans and form bonds that are beautiful beyond description!

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