Picture Parade Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

There’s a theme to this week’s Picture Parade.

First of all I must again thank Pexels for providing these photographs. They are from a grouping called Man’s Best Friend.

This is the theme. That dogs are our closest and longest animal companions by far. Indeed, the era that humans befriended wolves is so long ago that an exact time is far from settled. Here’s a piece in the August 2020 issue of Scientific American magazine:

In the 14,000 to 40,000 years during which this domestication process occurred, wild wolves were probably doing better than dogs in terms of numbers – after all, our dogs were probably another food source for humans when times became lean. The first written record of a wolf hunt was recorded in the sixth century B.C.E., when Solon of Athens offered a bounty for every wolf killed.

So in all these photographs today there is a human with the dog!








Fabulous even though I say it myself!

9 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

  1. As these photos show, dogs are truly like our children. ( In many cases, they are more loyal and loving than our adult children).


  2. Excellent images again Paul…
    Sorry my friend I have not been around as often… But I am nurturing myself for a change. lol…. So taking my time on line in small chunks at a time…. So enjoyed what I was able to catch up with this evening..
    Take care of each other both of you… So good to see you both looking so well.. Give my love to Jeanie…
    Hugs to both of you.. Sue ❤


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