The rise of dogs!

Mr and Mrs Biden are very fine dog owners.

As the BBC News website reported yesterday:

A Joe Biden presidency means the return of a long-held tradition of pets in the White House.

The President-elect and his wife have two dogs at present: Champ and Major. They are German Shepherds. Champ, who was then a puppy, was given to Joe Biden in 2018 by his wife. Major was fostered and then adopted, also in 2018, from the Delaware Humane Association.

Joe Biden with Major. Courtesy of The New York Times.

Here is another picture of the two dogs. This time featuring Mrs Biden.

Courtesy of Yahoo News.

So GSD Major will be the first shelter dog that from January, 2021 will reside in the White House.

The 2020 presidential election is bringing a slew of firsts into the White House: the first woman vice president, as well as the first Black woman and person of South Asian heritage to hold the position. The first first lady to continue working a full-time job. The first Jewish spouse of either a president or vice president.

But President-elect Joe Biden is bringing yet another first this January: The first-ever shelter dog will now reside in the White House.

Whatever one thinks about the current politics it is brilliant that dogs are back in the White House.

Maybe President-elect Biden should think of a more formal role for Champ and Major!

30 thoughts on “The rise of dogs!

      1. He was a beautiful dog. When I first took him for training, when I was still living in South Devon, England, I learnt that Pharaoh was a beta dog. I also learnt that a dog pack has three status dogs. There is the Alpha dog, the pack leader and always a female who has first pick of the males. Then there is the Beta dog, always a male and his role is stop fights within the pack. The final status dog is the Omega dog, either a male or female and is the fun dog charged with keeping the pack happy!


  1. I am leery of those in positions of power who eschew pets in general. Almost every President has had at least one dog in the White House. Except this tyrant in power now. Sad. Perhaps if he’d had a dog growing up, he’d have learned a thing or two.

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      1. Val, in the case of Sheena we think it’s a case of irregular behavior. For she is not peeing frequently nor is there any sign of blood in her pee. Well last night we slept with our bedroom door open and Sheena peed in the kitchen area which is tiled so much easier to mop up than our wooden floors here in the bedroom. So no antibiotics required.

        We have woken to a real gale blowing here in Merlin!


  2. it tells me a lot about a person if they own a pet. I understand having one doesn’t always fit everyone’s lifestyle but it’s hard not to love a dog lover. And even more important to me is someone who rescues dogs. it tells me this person has empathy.

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    1. Welcome to this place and you are so, so right. When I first met Jeannie she had been rescuing dogs for years and Jean is the most gentle, forgiving person ever. We met in 2007 and married in 2010. Anyway, hope to see you again soon! Oh, and we are down to six dogs here in Oregon; from sixteen when we first moved here!

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