This pandemic and your dogs

These are tough times.

Recently I was contacted by a person and I thought it was a scammer. My mistake entirely but it was an unusual name; well it was to me!

As it happens this person not only writes well but does it for a job! It shows.

Because millions of people have cats and dogs and a very large percentage of those will be concerned as to what to do.


I will amend the post later on this morning and remove your offering.
To be frank, I think that is a real shame. It was a good post and I was up for publishing more from you. But you insisted on advertising your products via a link and, as it were, threw the baby out with the bath water.
But there you go. First time in all my blogging that it has happened and a copy of this email will be put into the blog while at the same time your writing removed.
If you ever change your mind then I shall be pleased to hear from you.


I would take issue with the author over one tiny point. I think, but I have no medical experience on this, that worrying that your dogs and cats may be somehow a carrier for Covid-19 is worrying too far.

Nevertheless, this is a good guest post.

(Subsequent conversations revealed that the author wanted the post cancelled because I wouldn’t add a link to the commercial website.)

15 thoughts on “This pandemic and your dogs

  1. Great tips Paul…..Sending you and Jeanie love and well wishes… Sorry not been visiting for a while… All of us are Ok here, just took a few weeks off from blog land… Huge hugs to you both… 🙂


      1. And I have just been outside and there’s an old stump about two feet high that makes a perfect seat. Just tried it out for a few minutes, will give it longer a little later.

        I guess you practice grounding, Sue? How long do you give it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That depends… I sometimes just take a book with bare feet and read… Other times I sit and meditate.. Pulling in energies from my crown down through the earth, pulling energies back up again in a visualisation as I clear and cleanse and ground in with Mother Earth….. Giving gratitude and thanks for Mother nature, and all life…. I also do Qi Gong…. Have had a few looks from neighbours in the past.. But they have got used to my moving my arms around in strange waves lol now… 😀 …… So anything from ten minutes to an hour or more…. Our intention while doing it is the main thing.. clearing our thoughts… just breathing and feeling Mother Earth’s own heart beat with yours..


    1. Welcome to this place and we hope to see you again soon. Yes, as always with us and the world, there’s always a silver lining somewhere. And spending more time with our dogs is a beautiful bonus!


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