Living your dash!

I stole the title of this post from Colin!

In fact, I am ‘stealing’ the whole of Colin’s post, albeit with his permission, because recently he posted on his blog Wibble a poem written by Linda Ellis that is perfect. Indeed, it is more than perfect, it is a unique view of our lifetimes: yours; mine, everyone’s.

Here is Colin’s post.


Living your dash

13 thoughts on “Living your dash!

  1. I love this poem and have heard of it. I have thought a lot about my dash as I am at the same point in life as you with no guarantee of a tomorrow. I have to admit, my dash has been full of adventure with no regrets. We should all keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. Marlene, Jeannie and I were only saying a little earlier that it’s a question of living in the present as happily as we can. So much of the news is of vague interest because our life here at home is good, and we are lucky people to say that!

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