Off line for maybe a few days

My iMac needs an upgrade!

I have been having some tiny problems mainly with the Apple Photos app and the good folks over at Ugly Hedgehog were incredibly helpful. This led to me taking my machine into Dick Webster Computers here in Grants Pass for a potential upgrade.

So I am going to republish some earlier posts for the next two days, which I hope will be long enough to come to a conclusion about whether this machine may be upgraded or whether I am looking at a new iMac.


I called in to Dick Webster, a good, local computer repair shop, earlier today. Took my iMac with me.

They told me that that particular iMac cannot have the RAM upgraded to 16GB but they could install a SSD. However, they looked up the Apple Photos app and said there were a number of complaints from others that it was freezing.

I was told to save my money, the iMac was perfectly good and to choose a photo editing application that supplied my needs.

My only outstanding query is whether all the relevant software programs, i.e. the photo editing apps, will run without any bother on 8GB.

7 thoughts on “Off line for maybe a few days

  1. My MacBook Pro I found is on recall due to RAM issues. You can contact Apple either by phone or email and set up an appointment with the. They can do amazing “fixes” as they did w mine to give me the chance to backup etc before I need to turn in for repair. Mine is not new and I don’t have any of the service contracts w Apple. Now my IPhone has really been acting up, so I’ll take my own advise!!
    How’s the dogs???


  2. God luck. The Catalina OS has had many problems with photos. I hope you are able to get sufficient assistance. I’ve had to devise more than a few ‘work-arounds’ and demonstrate some self control on the HBO words for this OS. Really not a fan of it and seems like they rolled it out without addressing the biggest problems first. Usually Apple is so much better about that but not this time. 😦

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