Please help Sheena!

I am simply posting this plea from Maria.

This email came in on the 4th June.



Foster needed for a Senior dog

Hi there,

As you may know, I run a rescue for pets of the homeless. Sheena had lived most of her life on the streets. For the last 4 years or so, she has been in either our house or with a foster.

Her current foster is moving out of the country and I need a new home for Sheena. My Shepard started attacking her out of the blue. 4 times over 8 months, so for safety reasons, I rehomed Sheena.

Our rescue, Tail Waggers Rescue, a non-profit, provides all food and needs for Sheena. We pay her veterinary expenses as well. She is on the cancer diet.

She is extremely sweet, about 13 years old, and is /has fighting cancer. We had the tumors removed a few months ago. She weighs approx 55 lbs. She is short-haired.

She is dog friendly, with dogs of all sizes. I am unsure about cats.
She is not used to being around children so a home with little kids would not be preferred. A quieter home is ideal.

She also does not like people who are intoxicated. She does lay on the furniture, after all, she is a Queen. She is mostly an indoor dog. She is house trained. She will run to the door to let the person know she is there. She is not a huge barker. She loves going on car rides and insists on the front seat.

If you have room in your home and heart, and a fenced yard, and are willing to put her meals together to the menu of the cancer diet, (I help you with this) please let me know. An application and home check are required.

We will supply all her food, bed, dining table, bowls, leashes. You may need to drive her to her vet from time to time in Phoenix.

She is NOT leashed trained but loves to go on walks.

Pictures of Sheena are below.

Please contact me at the store if you are interested in meeting Sheena and being her long term foster.


Maria Modica
Lulu’s Pet Store



Lulu’s Pet Store is located here in Merlin.

The website is here!

It is getting very good reviews and they can ship products to those that can’t make it to the store. And I have no direct interest in Maria’s business.

18 thoughts on “Please help Sheena!

  1. She looks so sweet! I wish I lived there because I would definitely consider her. My Sophie had cancer so we know all about special needs dogs.


    1. Susan, that’s understood. Jeannie and I are local to Maria but we just cannot contemplate taking Sheena. I really wish we could but our need to let our number of dogs dwindle down through normal causes is paramount.

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    1. John, further to my response to Susan, Jeannie and I have been thinking it through. We are going to foster Sheena! We are out in few hours time but on the way home we will call into Lulu’s and speak with Maria We are keeping our fingers crossed Sheena fits in.

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      1. We hope it works out! I have already written to Maria and, to be honest, assuming Sheena integrates with the other dogs, it will only be for a few months. Plus, our Ruby also has cancer and Ruby is 15!

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      2. MARVELLOUS! At 13 she really just needs a quite hearth, a place to call home for a few years. That was our thinking with taking in Bela; give her peace and love and everything she ever deserved in this last innings.

        You’re good, good, good souls, Paul Jeannie


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