A very big dog!

This is a fabulous article.

Just a few weeks ago new neighbours moved in to the property that adjoins us to the South.

They are Mike and Hannah Mills and they have three children; Hunter, Scarlet and Clover. Hunter is the eldest and he will be 9 on May 27th. When we went across to meet them I very quickly learnt that Hunter is a budding writer. Just as quickly I offered to publish a story from him in this place.

He used the following picture as a writing prompt.

Here is his story!


A Big Dog

By: Hunter Mills,   May 2020.

It was a cloudy morning.

A man was walking on the street and all of a sudden a big, big, big, big dog appeared out of the clouds.

The man was so cold, but he had to run! He ran fast, so he had to stop and rest and he stopped to rest, and hid. He got a little breath but the dog had a super good nose so he sniffed out the man and he had to run away again.

The dog was so fast it caught up to the man and it only licked him! The dog licked him again and the man ran away to a nearby building.

The man thought the dog was mean, but it was just trying to snuggle the man.

He went to the dog store and bought some dog treats and a big, big, big, big leash for the dog. He bought a new house so the dog could fit in the house.

So the next time a big, big, big, big dog starts to run after you, you should see if he wants to eat you or snuggle you.

If he lays down next to you, keep him. If not, run for your life!!


I have not changed a single word of Hunter’s story. All I have done is to alter the formatting so that it is easier on the eye.

This is Hunter with his two dogs Soldier and Hank.

Hunter is already a good writer and it’s a delightful work of fiction.

Hopefully, this is the first of many that I may have the privilege of publishing!

May I ask a favour? That is that if you ‘Like’ this post you also say so in a comment. For I am sure Hunter will be along to see what you all thought of his creative juices! Thank you.

23 thoughts on “A very big dog!

  1. Hunter, what an inventive story. You have a great imagination. Write something everyday and when you get to middle school, join all the activities that you can that will help you to become an author. Be patient. Dream big. Work hard. Wishes can come true. Best of luck.

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    1. Susan, your reply directly to Hunter is perfect. I could give you a big hug for saying that! I really hope that Hunter will be inspired by what you recommend. I really hope that Hannah will support my continued coaching of this clever young writer.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Well done Hunter! I loved your story and think you could be a future author of amazing books like those of Stephen King!
    You obviously have great insight about dogs too and I love the photo of you with Soldier and Hank. I live at the other end of the world in Tasmania, Australia and also have two dogs which I love very much.

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  3. This is so awesome! Thank you for this feature Paul! When Hunter wakes up he will be so excited to see and read. We appreciate all the kind words and will definitely show Hunter! I love the encouragement for him to write. Thank you!

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    1. It is a real pleasure, Hannah. Plus, your children and my grandson, Morten, represent the early stages of a life that is going to be very different to mine and Jeannie’s life. Indeed, my thoughts of encouraging Hunter to write some more revolve around those differences.

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  4. That’s a great story, Hunter. Well done! And since this is the only chance i’ll have to say it, may I wish you a very happy birthday for this coming Wednesday (which is two days past Towel Day… sorry, I have a bit of a fixation about Towel Day at the moment!)


  5. He will become a great writer if he keeps this up and no tries to discourage him or control the writing. It was a WONDERFUL story with a lesson in it. It looks like it’s innate in him. Thanks, Paul for being so supportive.


    1. Welcome to this place and we hope to see you again soon. Yes, it was a brilliant effort from Hunter and I was way too eager to have him write again soon. But I have now realised that Hunter needs to do it at his pace. To be honest, we haven’t been over to their place since the story was published. Perhaps this weekend? Thank you very much!


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