Six Great Ways to Help with Your Dog’s Anxiety

Yet another guest post!

One of the lovely things about writing a blog about dogs is that frequently people ‘pop up’ and offer a guest post. So it was with Eliza, or Eliza Gilbert to give to  her her full name. This is a brief background that she sent me.


NB: It’s the morning of Tuesday, the 11th February, 2020 and I have had to do something for the very first time. That is delete a guest post.

It turned out that Eliza was pushing me to include a link for her client and it was far from being a guest post, more like a commercial arrangement between Eliza and her client. I hope everyone understands.


Hardly signs of anxiety! Thank goodness. Pedy on the left; Oliver on the right.

21 thoughts on “Six Great Ways to Help with Your Dog’s Anxiety

      1. Susan, our dogs just adore ear rubs and shoulder massages. Plus the larger dogs, Brandy, Cleo and Oliver especially, love putting their heads deep into our laps. Pure unconditional love!


      1. I don’t think so, but intelligent dogs need to get both physically and mentally tired every day. Exercise with time for smelling can do both, which demand a long walk. If you search online for brain games for dogs, you will find out, there are many kind and dogs love to play those games.

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      2. With so many dogs, I think they also support each others need in many ways, Paul.
        I do only have one dog, as you know.
        If you would like to challenge your dogs, there are many simple ways of doing this. Fx hide a piece of candy inside a plastic box, while you turn to top upside down. Then the dog needs to find out, how to get that candy. You can use different sizes, plates etc. Just take care, the plates don’t break. I use some dry food of high quality as candy. Mostly dogs love this kind of game and you challenge their brain to develop.


  1. Really interesting post, Paul. I couple of points. I know about the music calming dogs. I am a Kickstarter investor and some years ago I invested in Music for Cats. It turned out to be very successful. The creator, a professional musician, told me he was going to do music for dogs next. I am still anxiously waiting. Second, regarding the hemp oil, it that applied topically, or ingested. I ask because I am an arthritis sufferer and I apply it to my hands for relief. I have never consumed it though.


    1. Oh, would love to feature that Music for Dogs. Jeannie has just started on taking CBD oil, internally that is, for her Parkinson’s tremors and it will be a while before we see what the effect is. Is not hemp oil the same or similar thing?

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      1. I think hemp oil is a similar thing and I don’t know the difference. I just looked on my bottle and it says cannabis based hemp oil.


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