10 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Twenty-Four

  1. Gorgeous pics!
    I have a question for you, Paul. One of our other dogs is a lurcher (deerhound x collie x Bedlington x whippet). He is pretty bonkers generally but one thing he does really puzzles us. When you first give him his food, he picks one little piece out and places it about a yard from his bowl before eating any of the rest. Any ideas what the purpose it serves? Or is he just weird 🙂 Gill x


    1. I have spoken about this to Jeannie and she is baffled by the habit. After your dog has eaten his food does he go back and eat that single piece? Has he done it since a puppy? (That’s assuming you have had him since he was a pup.)

      My guess is that this habit was something he learnt from his mother as a puppy.


      1. Thanks for your reply. Since I wrote this I came across a post on a sighthound owners page and they talk about variations on this habit. Some remove bits of kibble and hide them (Arthur does this with treats, which the other dogs find immediately) and others distribute bits around the bowl. Yes, he does go back and eat it most of the time. I did wonder if it was to distract any potential food thieves? Arthur is always on watch when he eats and keeps looking up and keeping an eye on the other dogs and for any invaders.


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