We’re back!

On last Thursday morning, at 02:30, in the middle of a huge storm the electricity was lost. So was the telephone and the internet.

The electricity was restored at 04:30 on Friday, the telephone later in the morning but no internet.

Finally, the internet was restored at 21:00 last night, too late to do anything useful.

So that explains the absence of yours truly over the last three days. Hopefully, if it remains on there will be a normal post at midnight tonight. All times are Pacific Time.

It was a huge storm with about 6 inches of snow.

21 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Hope you are all snug and warm, and no sign of snow here in the UK as of yet.. I heard there was a huge storm sweep over certain areas… Glad you are all ok, and power is now restored ❤


    1. Sue, we heard as well that news of the storm had reached the UK. I must look up some photos of it. It’s a real pain experiencing loss of internet. We don’t realise how much of our ‘reaching out’ is via an online link!


      1. PS.. yes we all love our technology.. we miss it when we need it… Though to be honest, I haven’t been needing it as much… Got my head in a good book at the moment.. All about Quantum Physics.. 😉 The Intention Experiment.. One That was published years ago, but I came across in a second hand book store.. Along with other book treasures.. 🙂


      2. Its quiet scientific in that it has collected a lot of data proving our thoughts change both our health, and can affect matter.. The Book is called The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart.. She is also the author of the Field, and The Bond.. She has under scientific control proven too that the Power of Eight, another book of hers works.. when Eight people or more gather together to send intentions out into the world.. .. 🙂

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how much take for granted electrical power and things like our web services? Very happy to hear that you all survived the outages. Welcome Back!


  3. Welcome back to all of you, Paul. I hope, that you were able to keep the warm, while you were without electricity.
    You got some snow. They warn for snow, storm and rain in parts of Spain today and for the next two days with. I haven’t seen any here yet, but we will see tomorrow.
    Stay warm and take good care of yourself.


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