This is a gorgeous story, and it’s true!

Piper lost and found!

There’s something almost beyond the world of words, pictures and blogging. That’s when a dog goes missing and then is found. Especially if the lover of the dog is a young boy who fears the worst.

Dogs bring out so much that is good in us. Dogs cross gender, age, country and ethnic boundaries.

This is what struck me with some force I will admit when I read this article on the Daily Dodo yesterday. It is republished for your own delight!

Oh, and welcome to Friday the 13th!


Family Surprises Boy At School With His Lost Dog

So many happy tears 😭❤️️🐶

Photo Credit: Facebook/April Licata

The holidays aren’t about what’s under the tree; it’s who you’re with that matters. And no one understands that better than Carter Licata and his dog, Piper.

The 2-year-old pug loves everyone in her family, but her bond with her brother is special. “It was love at first sight for the two of them,” April Licata, Carter’s mom, told The Dodo.

But the family’s holiday season was nearly destroyed when the unthinkable happened — Piper went missing.

Photo Credit: April Licata

Last month, Licata let Piper and her other dog outside to use the bathroom. But when she opened the door to let them back in, Piper was nowhere to be seen.

The family searched everywhere, posted on social media, and reached out to neighbors and community groups. They prayed for Piper’s safe return, but as days turned to weeks, they feared that they would never see their pug again.

“We were all sick,” Licata said. “The older kids wanted nothing to do with decorating the Christmas tree and it was a very somber Thanksgiving for them.”

Then, Licata received a Facebook message from the Genesee County Animal Shelter. A dog matching Piper’s description had been dropped off at the shelter by a person who wanted to remain anonymous. “My husband and I were going out to dinner and honestly, there was an outcry of joy in the truck,” Licata said. “We were shocked and elated!”

Carter was out of town when they learned about Piper, so they decided to keep it a secret and surprise him with a special reunion when he returned. Piper, meanwhile, wandered around the house looking for her brother, until finally, their reunion day arrived.

Photo Credit: Facebook/April Licata

When Carter saw Piper in the front seat of the truck, decked out in bows, he immediately broke down in tears.

Piper’s tail went crazy at the sight of her brother and as soon as he stepped in the truck, she jumped in his arms, showering him with kisses.

The family couldn’t be happier to have Piper back again — and just in time for Christmas.

“My son loves his dog so much, was sick while she was gone, and tonight she’s sleeping next to him again,” Licata wrote on Facebook. “What a Christmas miracle for our family.”

You can see the heart-warming video below.


I know that for the main part I just republish the work that others do. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not affected by the articles. This one in particular had me in tears.

Dogs mean so, so much to us!

14 thoughts on “This is a gorgeous story, and it’s true!

  1. I posted this on my FB page. I was moved to tears by the boy being reunited with his beloved dog. Heartwarming story.


    1. Well Wayne, again, a very warm welcome. And how many cats do you have? We used to have 7 cats here but 6 of them have now died. Likewise, we had 14 dogs but are now down to 6. Reluctantly, we are not taking on more rescue animals at this stage in our lives.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 17 now. But I must add, all but one are rescues from the streets. For several years we we at a happy nine. Then this past year, two strays came across our door who both happened to be pregnant and we didn’t have the heart to let the babies go…hence 17.
        None of them will be having babies, so they’ll be no new additions as all have been ‘done’. It is a handful, but couldn’t imagine them not being here now.


      2. I always say they found us, we didn’t find them. The least we can do is show a bit of love to them. I wish I could take in thousands of strays, but sadly that’s not possible. So we make damn sure the ones we do have have the best life imaginable.


      3. Hi Paul, I think I just had my first rant on here lol. Not in this conversation but after reading another post about “how to teach English abroad without a degree’. I thought it was completely wrong to encourage people to even attempt to travel and teach without any qualifications and zero experience, think about the poor students at the receiving end. Sadly, I think, “get things quick for zero effort” is a typical Millennial way of thinking. Sorry to rant to you about this lol. Catch you soon


      4. oh no, not yours lol. I can’t remember his name now, but the post was entitled something along the lines of ‘How to teach English abroad without a degree…’
        Of course there are plenty who try and do exactly that and some even get themselves hired, but I worry for the students who are getting sub-standard lessons off someone whose only “qualification” is that they are a native speaker of English. I’ve just experienced something similar where I am currently in Brunei, teachers being hired by a certain organisation to teach English (but then not requiring them to have actual English language teaching qualifications) and then offering to “train” them to teach English whilst on the very very well paid jobs they have! Appalling!
        And it’s always the teaching profession too! You wont come across posts or tweets about travelling the world pulling teeth if you’re not a dentist, or travelling through Asia stopping off to do the odd medical operation when funds run low. So why do these _______ think they can meander the globe “teaching” without qualifications?
        I’m going to make some tea lol.


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