Cutting your dog’s nails

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10 Tips to Clip Dog Nails When Dog is Scared of It

Why are Long Dog Nails a Problem?

Fear of nail trims is a quite common issue dog guardian’s face and therefore the concern will vary from a mild dislike to outright terror, depending on the dog. For a few pet parents, the only way to trim a dog’s nails is under anesthesia that is certainly not a choice that works each week. Several give up making an attempt and simply permit the dog’s nails to stay long. Whereas the frustration is comprehensible, this selection will result in health drawbacks for dogs. Overgrown nails have an effect on a dog’s posture, eventually resulting in joint issues and inflammatory disease. They’re also a lot of vulnerable to splitting and breaking in painful ways. Long nails are a problem for humans likewise. Dogs with longer nails are more likely to destroy furniture and alternative objects, unwittingly, further as break human skin once jumping up to mention hello or when playing.

The most common reasons for avoiding nail trims are that the owner is frightened of “quicking” the dog, or that the dog fusses and creates unhealthy feelings round the procedure. Nail cutting becomes a happening encircled by angst and drama. For very active dogs who run all day long on varied surfaces, cutting nails might not be necessary. High mileage wears them down naturally.

But among town or community dogs who are lucky to induce a mile or 2 walk daily, excessively long toenails are more common than not.

Reducing stress once trimming your dog’s nails

If your dog is fearful of having nails cut, what are you able to do? Here are some ideas:

Some dogs’ nails can reside a healthy length if they’re exercised frequently on a rougher surface like concrete or pavement.

Another innovative plan is to make a filing “board” that consists of a sheet of wood lined with sandpaper. You teach your dog a paw target behavior so apply that behavior to the board, therefore the dog effectively is filing down his own nails as he paws the board.

Nail trim mats are essentially doormats with a rough surface that files the dog’s nails each time he walks on the mat.

While these concepts are often useful, a desirable choice is to be ready to trim your dog’s nails whenever you need to. A good set up is to do away with your nail clippers all at once and switch to a nail grinder.

Here are 8 Best Tips to Clip Dog Nails When Dog is Scared of It


First, be ready. It’s essential that you simply recognize specifically however your tools work, this includes where and how the blade slides and moves. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to totally make sure that you’re cutting the nail properly and within the correct place. In addition, if you’ve got any queries or uncertainties with the tool, take care to look up the answers before using the product on your dog’s nails. Cutting nails are some things that ought to never be a ‘learn as you go’ task.

2. Don’t Pressure Him

If you do not dare to cut your nails and take your dog to the vet to try and do it, attempt to be as delicate as potential with your pet. A trick? Choose an extended walk together with your furry friend before going, thus your pet is going to be tired and cannot be thus stressed before this dreaded moment.

3. Observe It With A Prize:

After that ‘tragic’ moment provide a prize to your pet as a ‘snack or a chuche’, during this approach you’ll build a process that may be ‘traumatic’ a pleasant moment for your dog. There’s nothing higher than the relationship of ideas and experiences to form it less tedious.

Whether you head to the vet to cut your dog’s nails or if you opt to do it at home, discuss with your dog during a loving way, this fashion you’ll feel more secure and calm.

4. Safety First

If you’re not a professional, never cut your dog’s nails, you may get to the hyponychial and cause injuries. If you’re feeling more secure, you’ll be able to prefer to file your pet’s nails rather than cutting them. There’s presently a series of very effective electric files on the market. But beware, the sound they emit scares many dogs, thus before you buy one make sure you’ll not be afraid of your furry friend.

5. Get your Time

While each you and your dog might want to finish the nail trimming as shortly as doable, it’s necessary to take your time. Dog nail clipping is tough even for the specialists. To stop accidents, go slowly and cautiously.

6. Firm Grip

The next step in nail trimming has a firm grip on their paw and pushing back any hair that’s within the way of the nail. You will need to make sure that you are able to see specifically wherever you’ll be cutting.

It is necessary for pet homeowners to understand that if the dog’s nails are overgrown, their paw can likely be sore and tender. Stay alert and responsive to your dog’s behavior after you take their paw in your hand. If they yelp, be gentler. However, your grip ought to be firm enough that their paw doesn’t accidentally slip one direction or the other during the cutting method.

7. Dogs Nails are Totally Different than Our Nails

Next, it’s necessary for dog homeowners to acknowledge that our nails are very different from our dog’s nails and should be cut consequently. Most significantly, you must never place the dog’s entire nail within the clipper or cut the whole nail. The nail ought to be cut from beneath and at a 45-degree angle.

Now, fastidiously place the gap of the nail clippers over the tip of the white nail. It’s imperative that you only cut within the white nail area. Again, if you’ve got any question concerning this it’s crucial that you get an accurate answer before cutting the dog’s nails. Cutting past the white nail area means you’re cutting within the pink area of the nail (also referred to as the “quick”). The pink area of the nail is wherever blood vessels are live. Cutting into this space are unbelievably painful and might cause a considerable quantity of bleeding. Trust us, you’ll be wanting to avoid this at all costs.

8. Creating a Clean Cut

Finally, hold the paw steady and create a clean, swish cut by gently squeezing on the handle of the nail trimmer. It’s necessary to have an educated idea of however tightly you’ll need to squeeze so as to urge a clean cut, however not unknowingly hurt your pup’s tender paw.

Precautions of Dog Nail Trimming

There are some necessary precautions that pet homeowners should remember of before cutting their dog’s nails.


First, as we previously mentioned, the “quick” is that the living a part of the nail. It’s the area of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerve endings. Unknowingly cutting the quick can usually lead to a bleeding toenail and a substantial quantity of pain.


Additionally, the color of your dog will have an effect on the color of their nails which may increase the problem of determining where the “white nail” ends. For example, several black and dark brown dogs can have black nails. Black dog nails will prove to be unbelievably difficult and sometimes lead to the owner accidentally cutting the nail too short.


Finally, pet homeowners will make sure that they’re cutting the nails appropriately just by paying attention to the shape of the nail. The bottom of the nail should form a triangle area. Above all, go slowly. You’ll be able to invariably cut additional nail, however there’s no going back if too much is cut off.

What to try and do if you cut Nails Too Short

The main factor that the majority pet homeowners worry once cutting their dog’s nails is what happens if you narrow too deep. First, we urge our readers to actually try to avoid this. Always cut the minimum off and go from there depending if you wish to cut more. However, we all know that accidents happen. Here’s what to own reachable just in case you narrow your dog’s nails too short.


Professional groomers and veterinarians ordinarily use a substance referred to as styptic powder to help stop bleeding from cutting nails, minor cuts, and scratches. Styptic powder not only stops bleeding but also serves as an antiseptic, serving to stop infections and creating it safe to use.


If you do not have styptic powder in your home, you’ll be able to use a fragrance-free bar of soap. Merely hold the bar against the toenail for some minutes and permit the blood to clot.


Finally, if you’ve got nothing else reachable you’ll be able to use a Band-Aid to help control the bleeding. However, please recognize that this is often simply a temporary solution. If the bleeding continues it’ll be necessary to get one of the aforementioned tools so as to clot the blood. In severe cases, veterinary treatment may be necessary.

The Final Decision

Your ability to clip your dog nails without inflicting a lot of pain assure him and create him more at home another time you need to try and do a similar.

Author Bio:

David Huner is the founder of the pettrainingtip, where he and his team provides all necessary information related to pet care, supplies, health and even more. His team also always doing research on new pet related article topics to cover information from all bases including training tips.


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17 thoughts on “Cutting your dog’s nails

  1. Thank you for that information!
    I lay for hours in front of the dog bed on my knees. We practiced patiently and always filed a little bit. She was very scared and in pain because a claw had hardened, hot and red. The vet was not an option because she is even more afraid there. Since then we have been filing something regularly. So that she gets used to the fact that nothing happens. Paw baths and calendula have also helped a lot.

    All the best to you



  2. Great post! My sister always has trouble cutting her dog’a nails so I’ll have to share these tips with her!


  3. I let huMom do my nails; I don’t mind but Q doesn’t like it & GG the pot bellied pig can be, well unhappy to have his hooves trimmed. I don’t get why they have issues. HuMom has been doing it forever, she good at it & she’s quick😉🐾
    💜nose nudges💜

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  4. Ray objected very decisively to having his nails clipped. His nails are very thick and so considerable pressure was involved. A quick consult with our humane society dog trainer produced a beautifully simple alternative. Invest in a Dremel grinder! The only thing to watch is that the grinding wheel is turning away/outwards from the nail otherwise it could “snag” the nail. I was rather surprised that this was not mentioned in the Post.


  5. It is a good article, Paul. I have trimmed many dogs toenails over many years and I still nick the quick once in awhile. But they forgive me, bless them.


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