More on worms.

An update to last Saturday’s post.

Earlier yesterday afternoon Jim Goodbrod sent me the following email. I should explain for those that are unfamiliar with Jim that he is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). He is also a friend and neighbour.

Hey Paul,

I read your guest blog yesterday regarding canine helminthiasis (ie. worms) and just wanted to comment that none of Ms. Turner’s so-called home remedies will do anything to rid your dog of worms.

I don’t know where these people get these strange remedies.  Her chamomile tincture actually has a good quantity of ethanol in it, in the form of vodka or rum (?????)  I’d never give that to my dog.

Over the years I’ve heard dozens of clients extol the virtues of these “natural” worming therapies from Tabasco sauce, chewing tobacco, oral diatomaceous earth, habanero peppers, garlic, turpentine, old motor oil etc. etc.   Vinegar was in vogue for a long time as a cure-all for almost any ailment.  Lately coconut oil seems to be the miracle cure.

I don’t know why they persist in giving their dogs ineffective treatments that make their dogs sick, when they could go to the Grange or Mini Pet Mart and get a benign over-the-counter veterinary medication such as pyrantel or praziquantel which is actually specifically labelled for the treatment of certain worms.  Or better yet, many heartworm preventives contain an intestinal wormer, and since all dogs in this area should be on heartworm medication anyway, each month you would be preventing heartworms and treating intestinal worms at the same time.

That’s what I do for Louie.  He loves those Heartgard treats!
Anyway,  just a comment, for what it’s worth.

Regards, Jim

I am very grateful to Jim giving me his permission to publish his advice.

8 thoughts on “More on worms.

  1. Our dogs are fed the most organic diet imaginable. Merrick with fresh meat, yogurt and fish and coconut oils. We couldn’t have afforded to feed them this way when the kids were growing up, we just didn’t have the money – though they always got the best we could afford, never the stuff in the grocery store. That being said, our dogs are wormed and vetted enough to at least give them Titre tests. or We’re not into over- vaccinating them. But we are into having healthy dogs, and worming is definitely part of that. Aloha!


  2. Yea, I am a Heartgard customer as well. My concern is Mimi periodically getting into rabbit droppings. It amazes me the number of rabbits here in the city limits. And deer. But so far no issues noted during her checkups.


  3. I always take advice from doctors on how they would treat their own children, and from vets on they actually treat and feed their dogs. Say no more. Thank you Paul 💕


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