Picture Parade Two Hundred and Sixty-Three

And here’s me muttering about running out of dog pictures!

Mobasa the French bulldog isn’t allowed to use the phone – after all, she’s not a golden receiver


Buddy the Staffordshire bull terrier is working hard on a building site – and we have it on good authority he excels at roofing.


It looks like Balu the French bulldog might be considering opening up his own pizzeria – we assume it’s going to be called Pizza Mutt.


Jacob the German shepherd/pit bull/labrador mixed breed (left) and Teddy the golden retriever (right) are looking gorgeous in their bow-wow ties.


Mylo the Bernese mountain dog is busy at school in Belfast – will he be teaching geogrrrrraphy next term?


Percy the pug refuses to look at his iMac – not too surprising as it’s a well-known fact that some dogs prefer looking at windows.


Buddy the German shepherd is keen to show off his new ID card around the office – presumably hoping this will give him lab access.

All of the above were taken from here.

And last but not least, spare a thought for the millions who died in World War I.

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