A mild infection.

A further note re my medical situation.

Last Wednesday week, the 3rd October, I had a really strange morning.

As per usual for a Wednesday I went for a group bike ride. I didn’t notice anything unusual except perhaps that I was rather more remote than the others on this particular occasion. When I got home I didn’t mention anything. But later that morning Jeannie rang Dordie, one of the cycling group, and found out that I had basically being speaking gibberish.

Jeannie and I discussed the situation and we decided that it was best to volunteer ourselves for a visit to the local Three Rivers hospital. There is a walk-in facility there that is open 24 hours a day.

Asante Three Rivers Hospital, Grants Pass.

I was seen pretty promptly but nothing was found.

Also later that day I noticed my typing skills had disappeared.

At the same time I also noticed that my left-hand side of my face had a ‘edge’ to it. Whereas normally I couldn’t feel it in this instance I could.

Jeannie started to worry about me, big time, and I wasn’t sure about anything anymore. I resisted seeing any more specialists although Jeannie thought that I should.

I hung on to the fact that I was seeing my regular doctor, Dr. Angela Mount, on the 12th.

So yesterday I saw Dr. Mount.

She was of no doubt that what I had experienced was a ‘magnification’ of the old wound resulting from my trip to the Regional Trauma Centre in Eugene on December 24th, 2017.

Now, today, that had been brought about by me incurring a low-level infection; probably a cold-like infection but without the streaming nose normally associated with such diseases.

What had happened was that the extra load on the body brought about by the infection had caused the damage to my left-hand side of my body and skull to re-appear.

Thus no need to worry, it was OK and that fairly rapidly I should regain my old composure.


P.S. Only wrote this just in case it matched any experiences out there.

25 thoughts on “A mild infection.

      1. A stroke is one side or the other. Left or right. Hemiparesis. It is rare to manifest bilaterally. But, left or right side motor/sensory loss is classic stroke

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      2. Makes sense if you think about it. Right brain stroke is left side paresis and visa versa. Dysphasia, dyspraxia, drooling, also Things to watch for

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  1. Keep well Paul. Don’t overdo it. Allow yourself to heal. While we push ourselves to stay fit, we must also recognise the signs of body stress. Thank goodness Jeanie noticed that you were acting a little strange. If in doubt, always go seek Medical help.


    1. Thanks Colette. In practice the hospital had only commented on the big ticket items and they were all clear. They didn’t comment about the slight raised temp, the slight dehydration, and the raised levels of anti-inflammatory. Dr. Mount also had access to the hospital data and said that I was suffering from a mild cold and that had brought out the same symptoms as I had December/January time. But, yes, I completely agree with taking some medical advice.


  2. Phew is right! I was thinking mild stroke. Which is much worse! Glad it was only infection. Hope you heal quickly, Paul – and kudos to your doctor for zeroing in on the problem! ❤


  3. So good to hear that news Paul as I was reading to begin with I was feeling worried.. Jeanie did the best thing… We who are of a certain age need to be mindful.. I am always watching hubby and he me… 🙂


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