Frequency change!

But not of the RF kind!!

When I published my conclusions from the feedback from you good people to the survey of attitudes to this place, overall I wrote:

My overall conclusions

  1. Maintain the mix between dog and non-dog posts more or less as it is.
  2. But focus on increasing the number of dog story topics that are about animal rescues and dog training.
  3. Then when it comes to non-dog posts be more selective and choose stories that feature Environmental issues, Philosophy, and Regional articles from around the world.
  4. Last, but by no means least, explore reducing the number of posts published each week.

I went on to say:

Then this coming October I have to keep my head down for a couple of months because I want to finish the draft of my second book by the end of November. Thus, reducing the number of posts published would be a great help in the book-writing department!

Well here we are already almost a week into October and I have been thinking carefully about reducing the number of posts I publish each week.

Here’s what I am going to do.

With effect from this coming Saturday, the 7th, I shall change to not publishing a post on Saturday and Monday.

My thinking was that I frequently struggle to come up with a decent Saturday post and there are many times when I don’t feel like being in ‘blog’ mode on a Sunday.

Let’s see how it goes and how well it is embraced by your good people!

9 thoughts on “Frequency change!

  1. It is more creative to blog when you feel inspired. I’m sure it will help your book creation if you can focus less on having to put something daily on your blog site. Less is more! ❤


  2. Paul you are such a dedicated blogger my friend.. And you put me to shame.. Try to blog at least once a week.. But it may be any day of the week,, Sometimes it can be more than once..
    You have to blog to please yourself.. Those of us here who love ALL that you post will still be visiting what ever day you choose my friend..
    And you know me.. in my mammoth catch ups I am like a Bus.. never arrive on time.. Then turn up and sweep through your posts.. 🙂
    That’s just me.. As I have so many irons in the fire right now…
    You take your time creating another beautiful book Paul.. Enjoy your ME time and time with Jean..
    Those of us who have been with you for years will still be with you Paul..
    Love and Hugs.. Sue xxx


  3. You are all such good friends! Thank you!

    While I fully understand the concept of only publishing what pleases me in truth that’s what I am doing. There are a countless number of stories and articles about dogs.

    But let me settle down to this amended frequency for a while and see how that works; for me and you! 😍


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