Best ‘unlaid’ plans

All change on the flooring front – again!

If you detect a tone of exasperation in the following then you are very sensitive to the mood in the Handover household!

For until around 10:30 yesterday morning we had every expectation that the flooring installers would be hard at work through to Wednesday. That fact displayed on this blog by the continuing Flooring Diversion posts.

However, when we were told yesterday that a) Home Depot couldn’t advise us of the total cost of laying the board laminate on our floors, and b) that the installers were now unable to return to our house until the 23rd., it was decided that a face-to-face with the person in charge at our local HD store was called for.

That resulted in us going to the store and meeting Ben the store manager. And in fairness to Ben he listened to our grumbles, acknowledged that we had reason to grumble and got it all sorted. That translating into the installers being with us this coming weekend.

I had planned to publish a fabulous guest post on Thursday assuming that the flooring work had been completed by then.

It is now being published in ten minutes time. You will love it!

11 thoughts on “Best ‘unlaid’ plans

  1. Hope all your flooring is sorted by end of next weekend.

    If it is any consolation, we contracted a guy to install raised wooden flooring in our live-aboard boat, giving him three months to complete the job (while we were abroad). He decided to leave it to the two week period before we returned home. We were in touch constantly and knew the time we were due. He promised to have everything complete and the new flooring stained and yacht varnished. We arrived back to complete chaos…and had to sit on our suitcases on one end of the boat, while he put down flooring. He never did stain or varnish it…we had to do that ourselves (and neither of us are very good at it)! 😅


    1. Ouch! I’m reluctant to compare your terrible outcome with our potential one simply because we are still running on hope!

      We are expecting a call around 8am this morning from the Head of Department confirming the weekend plans. Trying not to think about it just now!


  2. Yep, best laid plans run awry sometimes. Just go with the flow and be glad that you have the finances to put in new flooring. You’ll appreciate the new floor even more once it is completed.


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