20 thoughts on “Thinking of going vegetarian?

  1. LOVE this video. Went vegetarian in the early 90’s and haven’t regretted it one day. Compassion begins within.
    P.S. That baby elephant always illicits tears of happiness. So darn precious.


  2. Vegetarian for four years now and Vegan one year. It’s going well, feel better for it in every way. Suggest the videos/Youtubes by Neal Barnard MD regarding dairy products and why you could/should get them out of your diet. Meat is a no brainer for me. All for the animals who don’t deserve the treatment they receive all over the world. Rant over.


  3. Well now, it seems we thing alike. This very video is sitting in my drafts for well over two months along with about 10 or so other animal related videos. I love this video but likely will not reblog it. I already have my introduction written and it is matter of releasing it when I feel up to answering each and every comment. I was a vegan for many years but had to finally resort to eating fish(MD orders) and then I found I was allergic to fish and my MD told me I must eat meat. I chose chicken but seldom eat any, I gag just about every time eat a piece of chicken.

    I was very ill a long time with chronic fatigue and my body does not properly break down protein. Not sure why I am supposed to eat meat. There is no logic. I seldon eat any because it goes against my grain. I drink soy milk. I don’t eat eggs, dairy or, gluten.

    My daughter has been a vegan since her teens. I don’t have any friends that are vegan or vegetarian. They think I’m strange and wonder why no meat. Our ethics don’t jive. 🙂



    1. Awww Yvonne. I’m an internet friend and you know I’m vegetarian.

      @ Paul. If you didn’t think being vegan excluded cheese what did you think was the difference?

      We went veg in the late 80s, on and off vegan. Bought some vegan cheese a while back. Very expensive and very vile 😦 Like Yvonne I use (organic) soya milk which I like anyway. Seitan, tempeh and tofu are basics of our diet. We occasionally have some commercially prepared products eg sausages, burgers, but seen get sick of them.

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      1. My immediate conclusion was that going vegan meant no chicken and no fish. I hadn’t thought about milk products. But, clearly, there’s more to this than I fully understand. Jean said that she has trouble with soy milk.


      2. Paul, no chicken and no fish are vegetarian. If you are still eating those, that isn’t a veg diet. Not eating meat – beef, lamb, pork – doesn’t = vegetetarian. It equals – not eating meat.
        Vegetarians, and lots say they are when they eat chicken, fish, shellfish, don’t eat any animal products. They eat cheese but it should be made with vegetarian rennet not animal rennet. Similarly, any eggs should be free range.
        Vegans don’t eat dairy because of the abuse to cows in the dairy industry. Plenty of explanatory films on YT. They don’t eat eggs or honey as they are animal products too. Best thing to do is eat what suits you both. Just don’t say you are vegetarian if you eat fish and chicken!


      3. Whoops! So much for my understanding. Many thanks for explaining it all. I will chit-chat with Jeannie and see what diet changes, if any, we will be making.


      4. Ms. Gib, I wish that I could eat the tempeh as I think you and I have exchanged remarks about it in the past. If I were not allergic to most grains I could eat that but must do with soy productrs which are a no-no according to some doctors. Soy stimulates estrogen which is believed to be cancer inducing. I have tried almond and rice milk and those taste awful. I suppose I’ll stick with soy milk and risk cancer. Not sure how accurate the cancer inducing prospect might be. I do know that when getting a mammogram, I must fill out a questionnaire and soy is on the check list. Soy milk is the only product of the soy plant that I use/drink.


  4. Almost a veggie, apart from fish.. I don’t drink milk either, preferring Almond Milk.. My daughter is a Vegan, so much of what we eat now affects our bodies.. I found cutting out certain things helped tremendously with digestive issues and pain levels with FMS.. Diet plays an important part to our health.. Loved this video and followed it up on YouTube.. 🙂


    1. Was chatting to Jeannie yesterday and it turns out that she is the true vegetarian and feeds me fish and chicken while not eating those foods herself. No wonder I was confused! Shows how much notice I have taken these last ten years!


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