Lost and Found

Are we back up to seven dogs!

On Thursday afternoon one of the residents not too far away from us telephoned asking if we might take in a dog that had recently been found lost on Hugo Road, our home road.

Despite the fact that we really didn’t want another dog, there was no question of turning our back on the lost soul.

As soon as we set eyes on the dog it was clear that it was used to people, understood a couple of commands and was in very good health albeit had not been castrated. There was no ID on the dog’s collar. Jean thought the dog was about a year old.

We placed the dog in our guest room that has a separate entrance.

Then yesterday, Friday, it was time to see if the dog would integrate happily with the rest of the crew.

First up was a meeting with Brandy.

Then along came Sweeny (LHS) and Pedy (looking up at our visitor.)

Time for Cleo to say ‘Hello’.

So far, so good.

Then just before lunchtime yesterday we drove up along Quartz Creek Road that runs up into the hills behind us and is where a number of people live.

That led us to meeting a woman who thought that she knew the owner of the dog. Also that the dog’s name was Colt. This woman said that she would make contact with Colt’s owner.

Plus we have put out a ‘Dog Found’ notice both in our local paper, The Grants Pass Courier, and our local radio station KAJO.

We will see what happens!

Footnote: Around 4pm we received a call from a young woman who was the owner of Colt. Shortly thereafter we drove again along Quartz Creek Road but this time with Colt. Ten minutes later Colt was reunited with his owner.

That left Jean and me with mixed feelings for Colt was such a lovely boy. But it did turn out for the best.

30 thoughts on “Lost and Found

    1. It was a remarkable coincidence that we met Heather on Quartz Creek Road, not a busy road by a long shot, and she knew Holly who had lost Colt. Otherwise, we most certainly would still be seven dogs!

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  1. Thank you for caring for him and finding his owners. I wonder were they actively looking for him?


    1. Yes, we thought that. Although Dr. Jim said yesterday that there is a view by DVMs that delaying castration in young dogs until they are, perhaps, 18 months old is becoming standard practice. Not that we thought it was applicable in Colt’s situation.

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      1. It’s why they bolt. We had a girl in heat down the street a few weeks ago and the boys came far and wide… For a while there it felt like I was running a camp site for pilgrims, putting out food and water for everyone 🙂


  2. Glad Colt was reunited with his owner. Now I hope that owner Holly does the right thing and has him neutered. In-tact dogs tend to wander and get themselves in trouble. Paws crossed. Bless you and Jean for being there for him and for your valiant efforts to reunite him with his family.


    1. Yes, that’s a good point. Colt had covered at least 2 miles of very dense forest and numerous deep water courses to reach Hugo Road. I hope we don’t see Colt again but wouldn’t bet on that!

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  3. Sure hope that Colt’s owner gets her dog neutered He will most likely – but not a given, wander from his home when he is neutered. He should also be chipped and have a collar with his name. Poor dog. He is a pretty dog and looks to be docile and not aggressive.


    1. Can’t say Colt wasn’t chipped but still reckon he isn’t. Shame. But then again the number of dogs living in less than ideal conditions runs into the millions. I heard the other day that there are well over a million street dogs in Houston, Tx.

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  4. An interesting looking dog. That first photo – his head shape/face had the look of an Australian kelpie.


      1. You’re on a bit of tight rope there! Stay involved and probably be unwelcome, or stepping back and leaving Colt’s future to providence. My experience would suggest that she will not i.d. Colt.


      2. Precisely! Jean, as with me, leans towards not getting involved unless Colt has other ideas. If Colt returns then we will ‘adopt’ him immediately.


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