Picture Parade One Hundred and Ninety-Eight

In celebration of Pharaoh’s 14th birthday yesterday.

(Long-term followers of this place will have seen many of these photos before.)

Just being a dog!


Luckily the training paid off! Pharaoh was fabulous around sheep!


Pharaoh riding the back of the Piper Super Cub


Pharaoh enjoying Bummer Creek.


On board the Dart Valley Steam Railway stopped at Buckfastleigh Station.


Pharaoh, relaxing in a Devon garden.


First meeting between Pharaoh and Cleo; April 7th, 2012.


Pharaoh with little Poppy, a stray found on a Mexican building site


Hi Pedy, I’m the bossman around here. Name’s Pharaoh and you’ll be OK.


Taken on the afternoon of Pharaoh’s birthday, June 3rd 2017.


The face of a King of dogs!

22 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Ninety-Eight

    1. Yes, it was a magical day. What Jean and I find so amazing is how stoic Pharaoh is when some mornings, this morning for example, he hardly has any muscle strength at all in his rear hips and legs. Me carrying the rear half of him, from the bedroom to the front door, some sixty feet at least, never produces any resistance from Pharaoh. I can’t believe it doesn’t cause him great discomfort.

      It’s going to hurt like hell when he dies! 😭

      1. I know it will. I think you are doing the right thing by celebrating his life while you still can. We went through the same thing with Abby, our American Bulldog.

  1. I was moved and lifted up, seeing the photos of Pharoah’s life and how he is still very much a majestic dog. The last pic is the best one, his eyes are looking into your heart and soul. That is what our faithful and beloved dogs do. His eyes show kindness and his love for you.

    1. Not every dog but so many have that ability to look into your eyes in ways that are beyond us humans. They seem to see into us so completely. It feels as though there isn’t a single emotion or dark corner of our minds that is hidden from view to a loving dog.

  2. He is beautiful and majestic. I can guarantee it will hurt like hell when he dies. No way around that. You never stop missing them either. You have captured so many wonderful parts of his nature in your photos. You have given each other so many things in these short years. Not all are so lucky to share such a bond. Wish him a happy birthday from me as well. 🙂

    1. Marlene, you know there are many times when I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without dogs around me. Likewise, I can’t imagine not having so many good friends via this place. Thank you for your loving thoughts.

  3. These are beautiful beautiful, photo’s of Pharaoh, and so good to see his latest on his Birthday.. Have a wonderful day.. 🙂 and I hope he, you and Jean had a wonderful Day yesterday Paul..

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