Happy Birthday dear Pharaoh

Beloved Pharaoh was born this day in 2003

I’m just going to share a few photos today and then devote tomorrow’s Picture Parade to other photographs of this wonderful, noble, indomitable friend.

The first day that Pharaoh was passed across to me. Devon, June 2003.


Puppy Pharaoh settling in to his new home.


Grand old man of 14!

Happy Birthday, Pharaoh, with fondest love from Jeannie and me and so, so many others who have known you directly and via the pages of this blog!

27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday dear Pharaoh

    1. They say that one dog year is the equivalent of eight human years. So that makes Pharaoh the equivalent of 112! Even at 7 to 1 he is still 98!

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Big hugs!

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    1. Pharaoh is having a very special day, Val. He senses somehow, in the way that dogs sense so much beyond our comprehension, that this is a big dog day for him.

      Plus, Val, you really put your finger on dear Pharaoh being a beautiful loyal friend of mine. Both for Pharaoh and for me, meeting Jeannie and all her dogs and then settling down as one wonderful family has been the highest of highs in our lives.

      Your birthday greetings have been passed on to Pharaoh!

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