Socks has been adopted!

It doesn’t get more beautiful than this!

On the 11th I penned a post under the title of Feathers and Socks.

I included a photo of Socks and wished him the very best of luck in finding a home.

Beautiful Socks!

Well, miracles of miracles, when I came to my emails last Saturday morning awaiting me was this email from John Zande.

Paul and Jean, Socks has a wonderful new home!

I really don’t want to jinx it by writing this email (I am the superstitious naked ape, after all), but the morning started out with not much hope as we drove and drove out into the countryside, wondering where on earth this petshop was that was hosting the adoption fair.

When we eventually found it, it was a tiny storefront, little more than a dog-bath business. We thought, “nothing is going to come from this.” They were just opening as we arrived and met the young girl who runs it. Lovely person. Literally two minutes later a family walk up the road dropping off their two dogs for a bath. We got to talking. They fell in love with Socks.

After a phone call to the woman’s husband (a serious, serious dog lover, we’re told, as she is too) we heard the words we did not think we’d hear: “If it’s OK, we’d love to give him a home.”

Ten minutes later we were in their house, which was about 50 meters down the road. Nice place, lots of room, and Socks has full run of the outside, and a huge enclosed laundry-come-Socks-home for the night. He won the lotto! Three young boys full of energy. He took to them like a champion. I still can’t believe it. It’s like this every time we find a home. It just doesn’t seem real.

Anyway, I’ve attached two short videos of Socks and his new home, and a photo. And yes, the family is keeping Jean’s name, Socks. They loved it. I’m sure G will write you later tonight, but you both played a huge role in this. Your help paid for his neutering, and for that we’re eternally grateful.
Here is that photo and those videos.
A little later on ‘G’, John’s nickname for his wife, sent me these further details:
Hello Paul and Jean – I guess you’ve been cheering since John’s e-mail, right? So have we, since this morning.
Well, I have to say I still can’t believe how lucky we (and Socks) have been. Virginia and Fabiano and their three boys: Lago (11 or 12 y.o, not sure); Marcos (turning 8 tomorrow, Sunday) and Raphael, 6. Lovely family, she invited us to go to their place (he was working), showed us around.
As I said at the outset: It doesn’t get more beautiful than this!

16 thoughts on “Socks has been adopted!

  1. well, now we know it not only a hollywood thing. we’re still cheering around here. thanks again, paul & jean. your kindness made it possible ;^)


  2. Hurrah, indeed! I only wish it always worked out like this. And to his credit, Socks did everything correctly. He stayed where he was dumped, and that set in motion the series of unlikely events which eventually wound around to his new home.

    Thanks again Paul and Jean for everything. Very little can be achieved in isolation. It’s a all-hands-in thing, and your support kept the balloon up, then safely down.


    1. Yes, it was immediately clear from those photos of Socks that he had a wonderful temperament. Once again, dogs revealing their remarkable gift of adjustment.

      It was a pleasure to support you, G and everyone else in what you are doing.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. i love it when someone gives me good news. I see so many animals homeless here in France, it is such a heartache and a heartbreak – i often wonder about the cruelty we inflict on animals – so senseless.. Eve


    1. Eve, your feelings of heartache pour out from your words. I guess I am not surprised to hear that France has such a problem as well, just disappointed, for in previous years I have had many beautiful experiences in that country.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Homeless animals everywhere – even in France, where there are so many dog lovers. It’s all so sad. But the news about Socks is wonderful and the family looks great. Well done everyone. Have a happy, happy life Socks!


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