Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-Five

The last set of the beautiful Everyone Needs a Friend pictures.

The previous set is here and the first set here.








In conclusion let me repeat what I said when introducing these pictures back on the 19th February:

With many thanks to dear neighbour Dordie who passed these on to me to share with you all.

8 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-Five

  1. A marvelous group of pics. I loved them all but the monkey holding the kitten get top prize for me. The facial expression of the monkey is pitiful but priceless. I also love the photos of the snow monkeys hugging each other for warmth- I presume.


    1. Yes, would agree with you about the picture of the monkey holding the kitten. Not only is it priceless but the ability of the photographer being able to catch the picture is pretty remarkable!

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