24 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-Three

    1. Well, we have to thank Dordie for sending them to me.

      Just wish I could have credited the photographers. For some of the photos are just gob smacking! That second one down is to die for!

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  1. These photos are wonderful. The tykes are precious and so are the animals. My favorite is the little boy walking with the goose.. The lighting is perfect, the child and the goose are in step (amazing) and they are each looking toward the other. The boy playing the flute and kitten looking on and the child with the huge dog are tied for my choice as a favorite. I adore your picture parade and look forward to these on Sunday.


    1. Yes, the young boy with the goose is supremely beautiful and I would hazard a guess that the photograph was taken by a professional.

      Thank you for wonderful kindness. Trust me, I adore putting them together.

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      1. I think just about all the photos were done by pros and/or at the least someone who really knows a good scene when it happens. Some could be semi-pros are just very interested in kids and pet photography.


      2. I think you are right that most were done by pros or by “togs” that know a good scene when it happens. Or some are just good with a camera and interested in kids and pets photography. The pics are superb anyway you look at it.


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