18 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Eight-Four

  1. Science says that looking at beautiful images releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. I have several thousand images on my tablet, which I look at when I am feeling a little down or want a lift. I shall add a few from this latest post of yours Paul, as I have done before.
    All beautiful. My favourite is the third one. That young goat (sheep?) looks like it is in seventh heaven.


    1. Yes, Spring is sprung, the grass is rid ….. and all that.

      Do you know that silly ditty? Think it was a Goon Show ditty. Now that really ages me!

      If you don’t recall it I’ll complete it in a further reply.

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  2. These are wonderful. The funniest is the little girl hugging the pony who has a dubious look in his eye. The sweetest two are the tyke with the deer and the child hugging the llama youngster. All the pics are precious. Who in their right mind would not be moved by these? I want to look at them over and over.


    1. I do know that Dordie sent me sufficient for there to be at least one more Picture Parade in a week’s time. Haven’t yet ‘processed’ them all so there might just be even more for you.

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  4. I’m woefully behind on reading blog posts but HAD to say I’m glad I took the time to go through this one in particular. I can’t stop beaming at the thought of those little peeps and their little critters. ღ


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