No shortage of love and caring.

For that most treasured pet companion: The Dog

What with one thing and another this has been a bit of a week.

So when recently I came across a wonderful story on the Care2 site of how a Fire Department put so much energy into saving a dog’s life it seemed an automatic action to share it with all you good people out there.


How Rescuers Freed This Dog From a Tire Truck Rim

3201628-largeBy: Laura S.   March 1, 2017

About Laura

Any fire chief will tell you that a fire department’s role is not just fighting fires, but sometimes helping community members out of a tight spot. And for the McDowell County Rescue Squad in North Carolina, that form of service required a delicate touch last week when they were called upon to free a dog named Sadie from the grips of a truck tire rim.

Sadie’s family told rescuers that they believe she may have been chasing another animal when she got wedged inside the Ford F-350 tire rim.

Credit: Kristi Sisk/ Facebook
Credit: Kristi Sisk/ Facebook

Sadie was taken to the Animal Hospital of Marion where she showed everyone her new necklace with her characteristic charm. But for her own safety, Sadie would have to be sedated.

credit: Kristi Sisk/ Facebook
Credit: Kristi Sisk/ Facebook

“The tire rim probably weighed 20 or 30 pounds so she couldn’t even lift her head up when she came in,” hospital staffer Kristi Sisk said.

“We used hydraulic cutters as well as a couple of other power tools,”  McDowell County Rescue Squad Captain Jordan Harrell told “It was a lot of trial and error. It was very big, it was a tough metal, and not the text book type extrication.”

Credit: Kristi Sisk/ Facebook
Credit: Kristi Sisk/ Facebook

“Thank you so much McDowell rescue squad and volunteers that showed up, took their time, and put the animals safety first getting this tire rim off!” Sisk said. “Happy to say miss Sadie had a happy ending. Went home tail wagging. I love my job!”

Credit: McDowell County Rescue Squad/ Facebook
Credit: McDowell County Rescue Squad/ Facebook


Time and time again, we see how dogs bring out so much good in us!

12 thoughts on “No shortage of love and caring.

  1. A wonderful End to this story.. Thank you Paul, I will have to catch up with what has been happening in the rest of your week over the weekend.. Many thanks again for your support … Take care of yourselves.. Hugs Sue 🙂


  2. The predicaments that dogs and cats get into. I’m glad that happened where the dig was seen by people otherwise she would or could have starved to death had that been in a ditch or a junk yard, etc. No one would have known unless she barked. Anyhow, this was a great story and she is a lucky dog.


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