Greetings Anne Cooper

I will never, ever tire of the wonderful connections made by this blog!

Connections brought about by the almost universal love for dogs! But not to the exclusion of cats. For we still have three cats, all ex-rescues from our days in Mexico, and it is a cat story that Anne presents for you all today.

It went back to an email that came in to me earlier this February:

Hi Paul,

My name is Annie and I blog at  Since I am a new-ish blogger (well, my cat site is new but I’ve been writing elsewhere for years), I’m hoping to make connections with more established pet bloggers to help get my name out there.

I love your site Learning From Dogs – although I’m obviously more of a cat person, our family has a mini schnauzer back in Canada.  I miss her! Your website vision is very thought-provoking, I hadn’t really considered how much we learn from our pets before.  I was wondering if you’d consider accepting a guest post from me?

I was trying to think of a topic that would bridge our two websites and I had an idea – something about pets and human relationships?  I met my husband through his cat, to be honest!  The fact that he was an animal lover was one of the main reasons I accepted a date with him.  The schnauzer in Canada was a gift to his parents too, so I knew he was a keeper!

I haven’t got a strict post outline in mind but I’m excited to ponder more on the topic of cats, dogs and human relationships.  Since my husband was a pet owner, I could explain the type of personality traits I inferred from that.  We also have the fact that I’m a huuuuge cat person and he is a dog guy so we had to compromise (if having two cats is a compromise LOL)

What do you think?  If this doesn’t suit, I could come up with something else 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Well, how could one resist such a charming request. Not me!

So it is with great pleasure that I present Anne’s guest post.


Why Pet Owners Make Good Life Partners.

by Anne Cooper, February 22nd., 2017.
loveFirst of all, I want to thank Paul for inviting me to share my thoughts on his wonderful blog. Reading through his past posts got me thinking on the topic of pet ownership and human relationships.  You see, I met my husband through his cat.  It sounds funny I know but let me explain.

Back in 2013, I had just ended a serious long-term relationship.  It ended for many reasons but one thing which made me particularly sad is that the guy didn’t want any pets.  Animals are one of my top three passions in life.  My former partner would get annoyed when I’d bring strays inside for a quick bite to eat and a bowl of water.  It didn’t happen that often but what filled me with joy was just an annoyance for him.

So when I was back on the dating market, settling down with an animal lover was a top priority.  Sure, I could live without pets, but I’d rather not.  They really improve my quality of life, cheer me up when I’m feeling down, and allow me to be part of the lovely pet blogging community online.

Thus, when browsing through dating profiles, one really caught my attention.  Not only did he sound like he had a lot in common with me – he actually owned a cat!  She was a kitten at the time.  A lovely white fluff-ball.  I arranged to meet him immediately.

The rest is history.  We were married in November 2015 and have now expanded our feline family to two.  We’re hoping to add a dog to the mix soon.  What I want to talk about here is why I was so eager to set up that first date, and the qualities I inferred from the fact that my future husband owned a cat.

  • Pet owners are responsible

Unless you own a pet yourself, it’s hard to understand the amount of commitment involved.  You can’t just take a weekend away to visit friends anymore.  You need to arrange a sitter for the cat, and if you can’t, you’re staying put.  You also need to research practical things like pet insurance, safe toys and snacks … the list is almost endless.

  • They have a nurturing instinct

Taking in an animal – especially a helpless kitten – is an act of kindness. Cats don’t always give much affection back to their owners so I knew that my hubby was a generous and giving soul.

Don’t get me wrong, dogs are amazing too, but there are lots of great reasons to own a dog.  They help you get fit by making you walk with them outdoors.  They protect you and shower you with love on a daily basis.  Cats on the other hand are happy to take your affection but some won’t even sit on your lap!  I think it’s safe to say that most cat owners don’t mind giving without receiving.

  • They don’t mind cleaning up a mess

As much as I love our little Saus, she was a nightmare in her first year.  She had a hard time using the litter tray and used to pee all over our house.  Shedding fur is an ongoing issue too. Don’t even get me started on fleas and worms!  Instead of letting it get out of control, my husband armed himself with a super-powered vacuum cleaner and a cupboard full of pet-friendly solutions and sprays to keep everything spotless.  Pet owners aren’t scared of a little mess – I knew I could depend on him to help out around the house.

  • They don’t let other people’s opinions get to them

I don’t know about where you’re from, but in Ireland where my husband and I met, there’s a massive stigma against cat owners.  As a cat lover myself, I was branded with the “crazy cat lady” stereotype.  I was openly jeered in work.  In the early days of dating my hubby, I turned on the car radio to hear a talk show saying that single men who own cats are basically weirdos.  I couldn’t believe it!  It makes me so angry, but sadly it’s the pervasive opinion in my home country.

The fact that my husband owned a cat and proudly shared her photos on social media showed me that he was confident and self-assured.  Owning and loving a pet is nothing to be ashamed of, and anyone who thinks so can take a hike.

  • They’re patient

In her early days, Saus loved using her claws and teeth.  I was her favorite victim!  I don’t think she was being malicious – rather she didn’t know how to play safely.  Instead of getting angry with her, my husband was patient.  We needed to keep her claws short to prevent damage but using the clipper on her was a battle!  We had to wrap her up in a towel to stop her attacking us.


So that’s my take on what makes pet owners so special. What do others think?

Annie Cooper blogs at  She lives in Australia with her husband and two very fluffy felines.  Apart from cats, Anne loves traveling, DIYing and all things cute.


Wasn’t that a great guest post! Sincerely hope we will be hearing more from the “crazy cat lady”.

P.S. The following photograph was taken here at home last night.

Araña, one of our three cats, sleeping next to Pedy. (Araña is the Spanish word for spider.)
Araña, one of our three cats, sleeping next to Pedy. (Araña is the Spanish word for spider.)

Araña is one of the remaining three cats from the original seven ex-Mexican rescue cats that came with us back in 2010 when we moved from San Carlos, Mx. to Payson in Arizona.

19 thoughts on “Greetings Anne Cooper

  1. Great post! Nice to meet you, Annie Cooper. I agree with everything on your list. Like you, I was fortunate enough to marry another animal lover. For me, that is a non-negotiable quality.


  2. Welcome dear Annie, nice to meet you! What a lovely guest post. Being part of a pet therapy team, I can speak first hand as to the pet/human connection and know of its profound affect on both sides of that equation. Kudos to you for sharing your story and congrats on meeting the upright of your dreams. He sounds like a real keeper. And all the best with your blog!
    Your fur-iends from the “Ranch,”
    ღonika, Sam, & Elsa 🐾


    1. Hehe he definitely is a keeper Monika! I can see why his kitty was reluctant to share him at first. Thank you for the kind wishes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well my goodness, a cat person after my own heart. I don’t have time to write much in my comment. My suggestion is that Annie go to my blog and she will find all sorts of cat info and stories, especially look under the “the Vet’s Pets.” I have oodles of more cat info “re” conditions and diseases on both cats and dogs that I have not had the time to put on my blog. I am really hoping after I get my computer fixed, that I can work on those stories/posts. One is about the healing of my son after his TBI. And then his cat disappeared. Yes, that was a heart breaker and I will never forgive my son for being so careless. He did not believe me when I said that something would get her. He has her daughter, Oreo and is now very careful to not let her OUT.

    I love how Annie writes. Good stuff.


    1. Looking forward to seeing your posts! We keep our cats inside too, as we live beside a main highway. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the connection that we make blogging too. I have made friends all over the world this way and I barely leave my home. I wish I’d had a list like the one Anne made in looking for a partner. Not having animals growing up, there were many things I didn’t know. That’s an excellent list for young people.


    1. I am the same, making most of my connections online these days! It’s a wonderful thing. Thank you for the kind words. I do think pet owners are great people in general, but of course I’m biased 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. What a beautiful post Annie… and I love all the traits mentioned… And from one cat lover to another.. don’t tell Paul… Cats rule… 🙂 lol..

    Big smiles Paul, and thank you so much for sharing Annie with us all.. Sending Hugs your way..


  6. Great article! My husband HATED animals when we first started dating but that changed quickly when I brought home a cute cockapoo puppy. Now she is his little spoiled princess!!!! I told him from the beginning that if he wanted to be together he would have to get used to the animals 😀


    1. Lovely! And a very warm welcome to this place. Have to say that your account of your husband’s experience with your puppy might make a wonderful guest post for here!!


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