The new chicken run!

Sorry to be rather brief today!

Yesterday was a bit of a ‘grunt’ day.

Together with helper Michael plus Jean supplying hot drinks and lunch I was outside from 08:00 until 15:00 (3pm PST in old money!).

We were assembling a new chicken run.

p1160881The unit comes from the UK and is known as the Omelet range of pet houses.Β  There is a USA website here and the particular run that Jean and I chose is from here. We particularly wanted a walk-in run.

p1160877It was all very straightforward but I am bound to tell you, dear folks, I am knackered!

See you tomorrow!



33 thoughts on “The new chicken run!

    1. Yes, it was hard but all straightforward to assemble. The most difficult aspect was snapping close several hundred plastic clips. My hands and fingers ache nicely this morning!


    1. 😍

      I’m tempted to respond by saying that I don’t need any eggcouragement to rest up today, but that would have readers running away like ……. like frightened chickens!

      (Yes, I know, I haven’t taken my pills this morning!)

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  1. Egg-cellent job Paul, the chickens will love it and will be safe and secure in their own little home. Now rest up – you have earned it.


  2. Is the pen winterized and how secure is it from predators that can dig under the fence or chew through the wire? It’s a great looking pen but it must have cost an arm and a leg- coming from GB. Just make sure it is predator proof. Is it designed to move to new ground every few weeks? If so then it would be another matter to put down a concrete base all around the pen so that raccoons, fox and etc can’t get in to kill the chickens. Do you have skunks and possums or do the dogs keep most things away?


    1. Great questions. It was actually stocked in the USA but still wasn’t cheap. The run comes with a wire mesh skirt that projects about 10 inches all around the bottom. The chicken house inside the run is our existing house and has been through three winters. The run itself is too big to be moved and isn’t designed as a mobile unit. The outside dimensions of the run are 5 meters long by 3 meters wide.

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      1. Good, then the wire skirt should offer safety from predators. Hopeful your dogs would hear if something were amiss and then begin barking to alert you and Jean if the chickens were being attacked.


  3. Wow the pen looks great! I’m sure the chickens are pleased with their new home. I hope to keep chickens sometime in the future and want to have a lovely set up like this πŸ™‚


  4. Lovely! I should invest in one of those to spare my yard from utter chaos and destruction, which is its current state. I need to clip some wings to keep them in the run they do have — plenty big, including a compost pile to rummage through! But they always want more….


    1. Welcome and thanks for your comment. If you do decide to go for the Omelet Walk-In Run let me know before you order it and I can talk you through the pros and cons. (Mainly all positives, by the way.)

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