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The new chicken run!

Sorry to be rather brief today!

Yesterday was a bit of a ‘grunt’ day.

Together with helper Michael plus Jean supplying hot drinks and lunch I was outside from 08:00 until 15:00 (3pm PST in old money!).

We were assembling a new chicken run.

p1160881The unit comes from the UK and is known as the Omelet range of pet houses.  There is a USA website here and the particular run that Jean and I chose is from here. We particularly wanted a walk-in run.

p1160877It was all very straightforward but I am bound to tell you, dear folks, I am knackered!

See you tomorrow!



Just some ‘ah’ moments.

Taking a rest from the serious stuff!

The first picture comes from Merci O. from here in Payson.

Lost for words!

The next two are from the camera of ‘yours truly’.

Tough work being a puppy!

Cleo has settled in so beautifully and we can’t believe that these two weeks have gone so quickly.

Finally, talking of settling in, our five young chicks have reached the stage where they could be housed outside in their new chicken house, the move taking place just five days ago.

Welcome to your new home, young chick!