The end of an era.

In memory of a great woman.

My mother was born on December 10th, 1919

She died a short while ago, at 21:22 GMT/UTC on Monday, November 14th.

That is 9:22 pm British time on the same day as the moon’s closest distance to our Mother Planet since 1948.

Or to find some poetry in the timing of the end of my mother’s life, she died 10 hours to the minute after that closest moment of the moon’s passing, that was at 11:22 British time this morning.

p1160632This photograph of the moon was taken last night from here at home in Oregon at a few minutes after 10pm.

My mother was born Elizabeth Foreman and after the death of our father, Frederick Handover, in 1956, she subsequently married Richard Mills.

My sister, Elizabeth, and I were born in 1944 and 1949 respectively. My mother and Richard were parents to our half-sister Eleanor, who was born in 1959.

Our mother was an incredible woman and her death is truly the end of an era for the family.

For the rest of my years, I will look up at the full moon and remember my mother’s amazing life.

Dan, my Best Man, at the wedding of Jean and me, November 20th 2010
Dan, my Best Man, at the wedding of Jean and me, November 20th 2010. My mother is between Dan and me.

Dear people, you will understand why I will be taking a few days away from blogging.

17 thoughts on “The end of an era.

  1. Oh Paul, my sincere sympathy to you and Jean. What a lovely lady your Mum was. Be glad of her long life and the amazing events and developments she saw throughout that lifespan. My own was born in 1918 and died 10 years ago. My thoughts are with you both.


  2. Paul you have my sincere condolences my friend.. I remember vividly you sharing her visit with yourself and how she took a swim in the lake.. I thought then what a remarkable woman she was..
    Sending you my thoughts Paul and you must take as long as you need..

    Love and Blessings to you Jean and your family Paul
    Sue ❤


  3. Peter and I were very sorry to hear of your loss and send our sincere condolences to you, Jean and all your family at this difficult time. We very much enjoyed meeting your mother and she was certainly a very special lady – very talented and strong, with a great sense of humour. We think it’s lovely that you will remember her when looking at the moon.


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