CBD Hemp Oil outcomes.

Really good news now that it’s well over a month since our two dogs have been taking this oil.

First off, I want to republish in full a post first shared with you all on the 19th September.


Just wanted to share our early results with you.

Back on the 13th September, I published a post under the title of Listening to our pets in more difficult times. I mentioned that Pharaoh was suffering pain in his rear hip joints and struggling at times to get up on all four feet and that we had started giving him Rimadyl.

One of the subsequent comments was from Pets, People, And Life who wrote:

Don’t wait around for a vet to tell you that your dog is in pain. You live in a state with legal MJ plus hemp oil is legal in all 50 states. I give CBD oil to my BC X Aussie 12 year old dog. He could not get up and yelped in pain before I began giving him 0.7ml daily that I drizzle over his food., After second dose he could stand up without help. Now he walks and runs with fluid movements of all limbs. It is totally safe and doesn’t require expensive tests, The danger of Rimadyl and other meds in that class used to treat arthritis, is that these types of meds cause kidney damage and your pet will have a shortened life span. Hemp oil works like a charm with no side effects.

We did some research and came across the following brand of Hemp (CBD) Oil specifically for dogs. We ordered it and it arrived last Saturday. Jean did not delay in adding* it twice a day to the food for both Pharaoh and Paloma.

p1160480Here we are at the end of Tuesday, at the time of writing this post, and already we can see observable improvements in both dogs.

Yes, it’s early days but I wanted to share this with you now.

There will be a more extensive report from me once these dogs have been using the oil for a few weeks.

  • One dropperful twice a day for Pharaoh, approx. 105 lbs, and half a dropperful twice a day for Paloma, approx. 45 lbs.


Yesterday, as in Sunday 23rd, as per usual I let the ‘bedroom’ group of dogs out around 7am when I went down to clear out the stables. Usually Pharaoh comes away from the front door and ends up laying down on the area just outside the garage door.

But on this day he decided to trot down to the stables and join the others, mainly Brandy, Cleo and Oliver, in sniffing around after the horses and eating fresh horse dung. (Don’t ask me why our dogs find it so tasty!)

It was so lovely to see Pharaoh, who will be 13 1/2 years-old on December 3rd., still being able to walk around the property when he is in the mood.

Frankly, Jean and I are amazed at how well he is doing and how the hip displasia has not yet defeated him. We are certain that the CBD Hemp oil is a key factor.

Later that morning I took a couple of photographs to support my claim that he is still walking around, albeit somewhat stiffly first thing in the day.

Cleo watching Pharaoh come away from the house.
Cleo watching Pharaoh come away from the house.
A shot taken of Pharaoh walking past me.
A shot taken of Pharaoh walking past me.

Dear old Pharaoh!

16 thoughts on “CBD Hemp Oil outcomes.

  1. How lovely for Pharoah. It’s a good age for a GSD. I think Prince was around 14 when he died. At home with A.
    Anyway, back to brighter things. Yvonne is a whizz about animals. I would always try anything she recommended, and so pleased the natural hemp oil seems to be making a difference. I’d have tried it for Pippa had I known/been able to get it.


    1. Thank you, and we treasure each and every day with the ‘old man’. We can’t speak too highly in favour of that Pet Releaf CBD oil. I don’t doubt that other dogs will be on it as they approach the later years. Tempted to try it myself. 😉

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  2. Paul, I’ so glad that hemp is working for you. I continue to give it to my pets that are suffering from arthritis or degenerative spinal disease and as an appetite stimulant for cats that are old and or ill. It has no side effects and doesn’t require any blood tests which get expensive. It does not harm the kidneys but meds in the class of Rimadyl weaken the kidneys and can cause other internal problems.

    As a side note my daughter just had stem cell therapy done in her two dogs. One dog is 16 1/2 and the other, an Aussie is 8 years old with a disintegrating spine. The procedure is already working for the 8 year old dog. She is hoping it is going to help the renal failure in the elderly dog. Hemp is wonderful to control pain but it can’t (alone) repair the kidneys or repair bone that is crumbling.

    Stem cell treatment is a new approach to extend the life of a beloved pet. I hope to do a post about it after a few weeks to see what it has done for my daughter’s pets, especially the one in renal failure.


  3. Good to know Paul! It’s so good to see Pharaoh with a spring in his step… and gratifying when we can bring relief and some joy into their lives. Our oldest right now is 7, so there is a long way to go with this generation.


    1. A quick head count comes up with just 4 of our dogs being younger than 7: Brandy, Cleo, Oliver and Sweeny. But totally agree with you about keeping a spring in all their steps for as long as possible.

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  4. I really enjoyed your post. The cannibas oil is something I never would have though of. Thank you for sharing your progress with it on your dogs. I have a 13 year old dog, I might start trying that on her. Also thank you for posting a picture of what you use.

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