Picture Parade One Hundred and Sixty-Six

September Memories

Jean was asked to send some photos of our horses to her friend Suzann down in Mexico. Here are a few. Their names are Ben and Ranger. Ben has the longer white dash down his nose and the photos were taken out on the horse paddock.






Also going to indulge myself and share with you some recent photos of the approaching dusk looking Eastwards from our property.


p1160476Welcome to October!

(And over the weekend we had rain – the first since July 10th!)

6 thoughts on “Picture Parade One Hundred and Sixty-Six

  1. The horses are beautiful and Jean looks lovely with the horses. The property is so pretty with all those trees. I’m so glad that you have gotten some rain. Makes a huge difference when at last rain comes to fill the parched earth.


  2. Ben and Ranger are handsome! They are known as roans, correct? I have always loved horses. One of my favorite things to do was to drive past the horse farms in Baltimore County in Maryland on my way to work. Watching them frolicking in the chilly mornings always made my day.


    1. My knowledge of horses is not great so I will have to ask Jean about Ben and Ranger being roans. Both horses were rescues and I will republish the details as a blog post for tomorrow; Ben’s previous experience was heart breaking.

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