The love for dogs.

A very beautiful, insightful guest post.

Like many other authors of blogs when someone decides to follow these scribblings and they are also the author of a blog I go across to their place and leave a thank you note. Frequently, I also say that if they would like to write a guest post for Learning from Dogs that I would welcome that.

Regular readers of this blog will know how often it is my pleasure to publish a guest post from another blogger.

So it is today.

Not very long ago there was a new follower who is the author of the blog: The Well Rounded Individual. I went across there and liked very much what I saw, especially a recent post about dogs.

I am honoured to have permission to share it with you all.


Throw the Ball Already and Other Things I Can’t Live Without

14 thoughts on “The love for dogs.

  1. A very touching and well written story from one of your readers Paul, I enjoyed it immensely (and shed a few tears along the way).


      1. Yes, there is such a lot of LOVE out there in the world Paul, for both our animal kingdom and our families.. Its a shame we get so caught up within the negative stories which are expanded into our homes to make us feel the world is such an unloving place.. Which is why I try to avoid as much of it as possible..
        On one of your posts about the Wolves you mentioned about digging for truth.. If we all did that and did not accept what we were told as truth all of the time, I feel we may all find what dogs obviously have.. Unconditional love of the NOW.. 🙂


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